How Watch Xfinity Stream Online in Australia

The desire for on-demand and live video content of streaming channels in the United States is today higher than ever.

Adding to all the major players is Xfinity Streampix. This has been around for quite a few years and has been an enormous success with all Comcast subscribers.

But, since the media streaming service is an exclusive product of Comcast, it is restricted to the territories of the USA.

Xfinity Streampix media streaming service

The question is, what do you do when you live outside the US? And you want to see all the main TV shows and movies offered by the service?

To make things much easier, you can use a VPN, but first, before looking how to do this, let’s see what the service offers and then we’ll look at how to watch Xfinity Streampix in Australia.

What is Xfinity Streampix?

Launched back in 2012, Xfinity Streampix is an alternative online on-demand streaming service. It is Comcast business effort to compete with Netflix or Hulu.

Xfinity Streampix brings together TV shows from many different networks. These include ABC and NBC, their service also has movies from Warner Bros, Disney, and Sony Pictures among others in their channel lineup.

All the content is bang up to date and top quality.

Content that you can access includes the following:

  • Game of Thrones
  • This is US
  • Wonder Women
  • Westworld
  • The Dark Knight
  • Suicide Squad
  • Black Sails and many more

Watch Xfinity Streampix onlineWhere can I Watch Xfinity Streampix?

This service is only available for Comcast subscribers who have an Xfinity account. The Streampix service is restricted to the US, Hawaii, and Alaska.

It doesn’t even work in the rest of the US territories according to the company. What you can do as an alternative, is download video content which can be played back anywhere, even when traveling abroad.

This isn’t a viable solution, due to limited space on a PC hard drive of your laptop, or on your mobile device.

These will be accessed by the Xfinity TV go app, whereas live TV is accessed by the Xfinity TV stream app inside the USA.

Additionally, you’re already paying for the pleasure of accessing the content, so why would you need to go to all this trouble?

No matter, there are ways around this, and this is to use a VPN.

What Devices Can You Access Xfinity

The service works on laptops, tablets, and tablets. These two have their own dedicated Xfinity stream app for iOS and Android.

Xfinity TV comes with the X1 DVR with cloud technology where any screen can be turned into a TV. This expands the possibilities of just using regular apps and browsers.

This means you can watch the Comcast streaming TV from anywhere, but depending on the connection you have charges apply for the data you use.

What is unique about the cloud DVR, is you have 500 GB of cloud storage where you can store any content, and access it while on the road.

You can also download these to watch when you are off-line, and you want to save the data rates.

TV’s do need an Xfinity box, but with a simple app download, you can use any device to access Xfinity go.

You can also schedule shows, so you can easily have a my Xfinity on demand schedule set up, so you never miss any shows, or you can choose to browse and watch live.

Xfinity TVSubscribe to Xfinity TV

Subscribers of the service can have access to the three services Xfinity offers. There are lots of favorite TV shows that are available for free, however, if you see one with a key symbol on the show tile, then this requires a subscription.

When you see a message saying playback is unavailable, or that the videos can only be viewed from inside the US, there are a few steps you can take to bypass this.

For subscribers, it can be a matter of calling customer support, and they will tell you the package you need to unlock the locked content.

One cool thing that Comcast does is you can access your download and usage page. So if you have a data plan, you can tell how much you have used, and how much is remaining.

This you need to log into your account with your username and password.

This is where the beauty of a VPN comes into action. These will hide your real IP address and mask it with another that makes you appear as if you are in the USA.

I don’t have an Xfinity Subscription. Is it Possible to Subscribe?

  1. If you have a real address inside the USA, then yes, you can subscribe
  2. If you live outside the USA (as in Australia), no, you can’t subscribe

As just mentioned, all this is solved if you hide your IP address. For Australian users, there are a couple of VPNs which fit the bill, sort of.

The first candidate is NordVPN, and they do deliver a pretty good service. They have an extensive network of servers, although they can suffer for download speeds on occasion, but they offer lots of features.

However, there are a couple of things that have cropped up recently. A few users have been complaining of the amount of time it takes to get replies from their customer help desk.

VPNs are known to be bad, but for one who has just improved theirs, and they are still not efficient. Secondly, there were stories of Netflix access problems.

This can be a deal breaker for anyone with a Netflix account.

The second option has no such problems. ExpressVPN is the world’s number one and delivers the best download speeds to Australia or any other country.

Using this VPN is so simple, and all you need to do to convince you are in the USA is select the USA from the dropdown box and it will connect automatically.

From this, you can restart your browser and head back to the main site, and using the best VPN for streaming, you can access all the free content from Xfinity.

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