How to Watch ShowTime Online in Australia

When it comes to entertainment, nothing can compete with ShowTime. Whether you are a fan of comedy sitcoms, action thrillers or chat shows, ShowTime has it all.

This popular cable TV service of the US has some of the best TV series and movies produced there. With ShowTime, you can get to spend some quality time of your weekend in front of your screens.

Being said that, let’s see where to watch ShowTime online.

ShowTime best TV series

watch showtime in Australia

Get ShowTime AnyTime

Oh, there is no typo there, ok? You can get to watch ShowTime on demand anytime, with AnyTime. AnyTime is the online video streaming service of ShowTime (a subsidiary of CBS). Earlier, AnyTime was available for free but only to those who had a subscription to the cable service. But now it is a paid service like HBO Now, and anyone can use it by paying $11 per month.

So, the cord-cutters have got another great option to catch their favourite shows like Homeland, Masters of Sex or The Affair. You also get their extensive catalogue of episodes and complete shows which aired earlier. Excited to watch Dexter online again or Weeds, isn’t it? You should be.

ShowTime on demand anytimeNow, let’s see how to watch ShowTime on iPad and other devices. As of now, this streaming service can run on Apple and Android devices, Roku, Hulu, some Smart TVs and gaming consoles.

And not to forget Amazon devices and PCs. You also can subscribe to ShowTime with YouTube TV. That’s almost every device you know.

After a successful sign-up, you get a 30-day ShowTime free trial before the $11 per month billing starts. The service gets renewed automatically, but you can turn it off. Or you can cancel your subscription before the 30th day. Hulu though is offering the ShowTime subscription at a rate of $9/month.

The only problem is that the service is geo-restricted to the US. That means people living outside the geographical area of America are not allowed to access its amazing content. If you are wondering “Can I stream ShowTime abroad?” Well, the answer is yes, not officially but yes.

How to watch ShowTime outside US?

There isn’t one but many ways to get your favourite shows of ShowTime in Australia. Some safe and secure, others not; some free and some paid.

While you can stream the content of ShowTime through a proxy quite easily, they have their own disadvantages. They are free and full of ads which can redirect you to harmful websites. Also, most of them are available only for PC browsers.

ShowTime through VPN

watch showtime in Australia

So, I am discarding them off in this article. One of the best ways to get ShowTime in Australia is to use a VPN. People use VPNs to keep their browsing activity safe from government snooping and hackers as any data transfer is encrypted by the VPN server.

But it also serves another purpose, and that’s to unblock geo-restricted services. Geo-restricted services and sites are those which is available only for a selected region.

Now, you have to select a VPN service provider. Something like ExpressVPN will be right for you.

You can also check our VPN guides to know the other best ones out there. ExpressVPN has many servers around the world, and after you pay for it, all you need to do is to connect to an American server.

After a successful connection which is rather quick, the server encrypts the data transfer, and no one can peek on your browsing activities.

It provides you with an American IP address, and you can now watch ShowTime anytime from Australia. Your real IP address is hidden from the public and whatever service you request for is placed via the secured VPN server.

Now you can watch whatever shows you miss watching. Is it the latest season of Ray Donovan? Or House of Lies? ShowTime through Smart DNSWhatever it is you can now get them live plus those excellent movies they produce.

You also get unrestricted access to HBO Now and the US Netflix. Well, you do have to pay them; VPNs can only remove the geo-restrictions not render the services free.

There is a bit of disadvantage with VPNs though. With so much of traffic redirection and encryption, a VPN tend to reduce the effective network speed. So, you can use the SmartDNS services to get away with this. When you connect to a smart DNS server, it only changes the location data, and no tunnelling of entire data transfer happens.

But they also do not encrypt your network. If security isn’t your concern, smart DNS programs like Unlocator is the one for you. Check our article for Unlocator review and to know more about the SmartDNS system.

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