Where Can I Watch Seinfeld Episodes Online in Australia?

Every so often there comes a show that defines a generation, which defines an era, a show with which an entire generation grows up, Seinfeld was the first one in modern history.

There have been one or two more, but Seinfeld set the standard for all future shows like it, a benchmark of sorts.

When I get recommended a show, especially a comedy, the first thing I ask how good is it compared to Seinfeld? And the answer is usually what you would expect.

Seinfeld Episodes Online in Australia

Not many can even come close to the pure entertainment that Seinfeld brought to our homes. Every time I watch the show, I find something new, and as I get older, I start to relate more and more to the show.

This ladies and gentlemen is a masterpiece. So you will be asking yourself, where can I watch Seinfeld online? Well, the answer is pretty simple, on Hulu.

Hulu is responsible for some of the best comedy shows to ever come across your TV screens. And now due to their Hulu Plus streaming service, you can watch all of them and more whenever you want.

Unfortunately, there is no Hulu Plus Australia, as this service is only available in the US. But there a couple of things we can do get around this region restriction as well, but before we get to that, lets clear some things up.

How much does Hulu Plus cost a month?

Hulu Plus

Hulu Plus will cost you 7.99 USD per month, or 95.58 USD per year. If you are a new user or a returning one, then you might be eligible for one month of free subscription as well.

How to watch Hulu in Australia?

As we have already mentioned, to watch Seinfeld full episodes online you will need Hulu Plus for the best experience. And since this is not available outside of the US, we will need to get inside the US.

What is a VPN and which are the best VPN’s? VPN Australia

A VPN service provider will connect your computer to their network, acting as an intermediator whenever you connect to the internet. They have servers all over the world, and by connecting to a server located in the US, we can access Hulu Plus, bypassing the region restriction.

ExpressVPN: Probably the best VPN Australia.

• With servers in over 94 countries and 145 different locations worldwide, it boasts one of the largest networks.
• Very simple and easy to use.
256-bit data encryption
• Unlimited bandwidth with fast speeds is best suited for streaming.

NordVPN: Another great VPN service provider.

• Many different protocols to choose from, with as much as 2048-bit of encryption.
• Extremely cheap during some offers with as low as $3.29 per month only.
• More than 760 servers in over 57 countries worldwide.
• Fast speeds, unlimited bandwidth, and support for up to 6 different devices on one single account.
• Even allows for peer to peer connections, meaning you can even download torrents if need be.

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