How to Watch Love, Death and Robots Online

The animated anthology, Love, Death, and Robots have been a smash hit for American Netflix, yet there are viewers around the globe who are unable to catch the show in their home country.

From the minds of Tim Miller and David Fincher. Some of the best animation studios in the world have created the show.

Form 2D animation to lifelike simulations, these short tales are exciting, dark, and on many occasions humorous.

Watch Love, Death and Robots full episode online

This Love, Death, and Robots review will look at the show and then see how viewers can watch it outside the USA can watch it using a VPN.

What is Love, Death, and Robots?

Love, Death, and Robots episodes make up an anthology series that is made up of eighteen different
stories. Most averages around fifteen minutes in length and are a great way to wet any sci-fi fans appetite.

The stories cover many topics and have lifelike characters that are at the cutting edge of computer generation.

The majority of the Love, Death and Robots cast are relatively unknown, and unseen. There are some names that may be familiar. Samira Wiley is one of the better-known names from ‘The Handmaids Tale’ and ‘Orange Is the New Black.’

Another name that may be familiar is that of the prolific science fiction writer Joe Lansdale. He has written countless novels, graphic novels and comic books in this genre. His biggest hits on TV being Jonah Hex back in 2010, and Hap and Leonard in 2018.

Executive producers David Fincher and Tim Miller have worked on classics such as The Social Network, Se7en, Mindhunter, and Deadpool.

One other thing that Netflix did with this show, and which caused some controversy. When viewers initially went to watch Love, Death, and Robots, they were finding the short stories were played in different episode order.

This was said to be on the viewer’s sexual identity, yet Netflix disputed this. However, there are four playing orders, which Netflix say are random and not based on any user data.

Eager fans will be pleased to know, the show is targeted for a second season. This time under the helm of Jennifer Yuh Nelson who is known for her work on the Kung Fu Panda franchise.

As yet, there is no release date, so there is still time to watch full episodes of Love, Death, and Robots before this airs.

Here is the full episode listing, so when you watch the show you can see if you come up with a different playing order.

  • Episode 1: Blind Spot
  • Episode 2: Sucker of Souls
  • Episode 3: Fish Night
  • Episode 4: Ice Age
  • Episode 5: Secret War
  • Episode 6: Suits
  • Episode 7: Alternate Histories
  • Episode 8: Aquila Rift
  • Episode 9: Good Hunting
  • Episode 10: Helping Hand
  • Episode 11: Lucky 13
  • Episode 12: Shape-Shifters
  • Episode 13: Sonnie’s Edge
  • Episode 14: The Dump
  • Episode 15: The Witness
  • Episode 16: Three Robots
  • Episode 17: When the Yogurt Took Over
  • Episode 18: Zima Blue

How to Watch US Netflix in Australia

While there are geo-restrictions on US Netflix for viewers outside the country. A Netflix account is a global one. This means you can sign up in Australia, here are the steps needed to sign up in your home country.

  1. Head over to the Netflix website at
  2. Click the “Join Free for a Month” button
  3. Click on “See the Plans”
  4. Enter your email address and enter a unique password
  5. After this just click on Register
  6. Once you reach the payment options page. Select the mode of payment. Netflix accepts debit or credit cards.
  7. Select “Start Membership”
  8. Select your Netflix devices and click on “Continue.”

There are three plans available. The cheapest at $8.99 allows one stream in SD quality. The Standard plan allows two streams in HD for $12.99 per month.

The top plan, the Premium allows four streams up to 4K HD for $15.99 per month. The higher the definition, you will need a fast connection. This will need the best streaming VPN for Australia to achieve this.

Netflix is available on devices like Apple TV, Chromecast, and iOS and Android, Game consoles, SMART TV’s, Windows and Mac, and many others.

Best VPN for Streaming US Netflix in Australia

Choosing the Best Streaming VPN for Australia

The best VPN for streaming to Australia does need to meet some criteria. Aside from bypassing the strict US Netflix geo-restrictions, it needs a large VPN server network to deliver the best streaming speeds.

You need the ability to change servers at a city level inside the USA. Good encryption is required so you can prevent your ISP from seeing you are streaming; thus, throttling your connection.

The recommendation of VPN is ExpressVPN. This delivers on the above requirements, and much more besides.

This VPN is a streamers best friend as they work better than others do for American Netflix.
Here are the easy steps to sign up for this top-rated VPN provider.

  1. Navigate to the ExpressVPN website
  2. Select your plan length
  3. Enter your email address – this is for the confirmation email with download links
  4. Select your payment option
  5. Click Submit and receive your confirmation email
  6. Download the app – Supports 5 simultaneous connections
  7. Install the app and enter the user code given in your email

To watch American Netflix in Australia, all you need to do is start the client and change the VPN server to one inside the USA.

Once it connects, you can head to the Netflix website and log in. It will default to the USA rather than your local Netflix library.

From there, you can access Love, Death, and Robots or any other TV shows you wish to watch.

The great thing with the best VPN provider is they have a no-argument 30-day money-back guarantee.

This means you can test all their services without paying a penny, and if they are not suitable for you, you can cancel.

Use this period like a free trial, you can sign up for Netflix and use the free month to watch Love, Death, and Robots online free during this period.

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