How to Watch iTV Player in Australia

British TV shows are always hot – in demand – and not only in the UK. And why not? They offer a wide variety, and so does iTV, the oldest commercial British TV network.

From daily soaps like Coronation Street to quiz shows like Britain’s Brightest Family and fictions to reality TV shows, iTV has it all.

And here’s how to watch iTV live.

Watch iTV online with iTV Player

iTV Player in AustraliaWith iTVPlayer (which now, is iTV Hub), you get everything that’s on iTV and the other channels like:

  • iTV2
  • iTV3
  • iTV4
  • iTVBe
  • CiTV

It’s the online home to programme catalogue of iTV. Not only iTV Hub helps you watch live and on-demand content, but also provides you with the TV Guide.

With iTV Hub Coronation Street episodes are available, and Britain’s Got Talent and Atlanta Plastic also are there.

ITV also has internationally famous shows like X Factor and Top Gear in its catalogue. For period drama seekers, there is Downton Abbey and A Touch of Frost for the thrill lovers.

And the list does not end here. All the shows of iTV are available on the online Hub. ITV Hub is available through the web browsers on a PC or Mac or if you wish to go mobile, download iTV Hub on Android or iOS.

The online iTV streaming is also available on a range of set-top boxes, smart TVs and even Xbox. And it’s available for free.

The iTV Hub (or iTV Player) is available free of cost, whether you want to watch live episodes or previous ones you missed.

The on-demand iTV content is available for 30 days after the episode went on-air, some may be available for a longer duration as per the rights.

Watch iTV Hub in Australia

While the services of iTV Hub are worth the praise, they are available only in the UK like other British TV channels.

The iTV HubYou can’t watch them with an Australian IP address. Content providers place geo-restrictions with the help of the IP addresses provided by the Internet Service Providers.

So, if someone is trying to watch iTV Hub without a British IP, they can’t. But it’s possible to watch iTV in Australia with the help of VPN providers.

When you select a video to watch, your device sends a request to the iTV servers along with your IP address. And a VPN can fake this, but they are not illegal, OK?

Read further to know how to watch Corrie episodes in Australia.

Watch iTV with VPN

When you connect to a VPN server, the server gives you a new IP address. This virtual IP address belongs to the server’s location. So, when you connect to a VPN server in the UK, you get a British IP address.

Now, if you try loading any of the videos, you can watch them without an error. One of the popular VPN providers is ExpressVPN.

If you go through the Express VPN reviews, you will know why everyone trusts it. It has servers in many places around the world, and they provide excellent network speed for your streaming needs.

iTV with VPNExpressVPN not only bypasses the region restriction but also gives you privacy while you are online. It has a secure encryption system to hide your online activity.

Thus, you can connect to an ExpressVPN server in Britain, request content from iTV and stream it to your device without your ISP knowing about it.

Moreover, ExpressVPN is available for a wide range of devices. It doesn’t matter if you want to watch iTV on Android, iOS, PC or Xbox, ExpressVPN has you covered.

And with ExpressVPN running on your device, you can unlock all other UK TV streaming services as well. By the way, if your device isn’t supported (in a rare case), you can install ExpressVPN directly on your router.

ITV service registration

After you have successful access to the content available on iTV, you have to register an account along with a valid British postcode.

They won’t perform a background check on you but need it to provide online service as per the regulations.

And you can then catch the live episodes of the British shows available there and also catch up missed ones.

All the previous episodes are there for you for 30 days as mentioned earlier. You are free to watch them all online on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Moreover, if you pay for the Hub+ service at £4 per month, you also can download videos to watch later (within 30 days), ad-free.

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