How Can I Watch Hulu Outside the United States?

As digital streaming takes internet literate audiences across the world by storm, Australia has gradually started to move towards quality programming from around the globe that isn’t dependent on overpriced, stingy local broadcasters.

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One of these services is Hulu Plus, an American digital streaming company that specializes in airing top rated current TV shows such as Modern Family, Community, and Glee.

Getting it in Australia is a challenge, but for us TV fanatics, there is always a way. Before moving on to teaching you how to watch Hulu in Australia though, here’s a little breakdown of Hulu Plus.

How do you sign up for Hulu?

hulu sign upSigning up for Hulu Plus requires you to open their website, and provide certain credentials. These include a US based address, as well as an acceptable payment method, such as a US-based PayPal account or an American Express card.

This service is only available to US residents officially, so those outside the region will need to take some extra steps, which I will discuss below.

How much does it cost get Hulu Plus?

A Hulu subscription costs $7.99 / month, or $95.88 annually. They keep their prices low by including advertisements within their programs, which isn’t the case with Netflix.

Netflix vs Hulu Plus

Provided you’re ok with Hulu’s ad-supported programming, the comparison between Hulu Plus and Netflix comes down to which shows you’re following, and which exclusives you like. While Hulu has more current running episodes, Netflix has the most regarding exclusive content.

netflix vs hulu plus

That said, Hulu’s programming includes originals such as Deadbeat, The Awesomes, Up To Speed, A Day in the Life, Battleground, Behind The Mask and several more. If you like these more Netflix’s Orange is the New Black, House of Cards, Bad Samaritans, Arrested Development and the like, you could go for Hulu Plus.

In other words, the choice is based entirely on your tastes, because the prices of the two services start out the same.

Why is Hulu not accessible outside the US?

You may be wondering why there isn’t a Hulu Australia – after all; we should be able to watch good TV just as much as anyone else anywhere in the world. The answer lies in a legal dilemma: regional licensing, that is to say, that Hulu has only been permitted to broadcast its library online in the United States.

Licenses for the same shows in Australia are either up for grabs or have already been taken up by other companies, watch hulubut Hulu does not look like it will be making an ‘official’ move to Australia any time soon.
In fact, they are legally bound to prevent people from outside the US from accessing their service, and they do so through a geo-restriction.

They monitor the IP address of the devices connecting to their services, and if they are not from the United States, they simply deny access – you can’t even sign up for Hulu from outside the US directly.

Indirectly, though, it is very much possible through an IP address masking software such as a VPN or a smart DNS proxy.

How to get Hulu Plus in Australia?

Assuming that you’ve signed up for a decent VPN service such as ExpressVPN at USD 13 / month (or a reliable Smart DNS service such as Unlocator at USD 5 / month), here’s how you’ll get access to Hulu from the land down under:

The Sign-Up Process

– Start your VPN / Smart DNS proxy by signing into the software/signing into the website, and then selecting  your server location as somewhere in the United States.
– Head on over to the Hulu Plus website and hit sign up. You’ll be asked to provide basic details.
– Where they ask for your address, simply supply a bogus USHulu Plus in Australia address that can be acquired for free from many websites.
– When they ask for payment details, supply a supported payment method such as an AE card or an international MasterCard. You may try a US based PayPal account if that doesn’t work. Since you’re doing this transaction while your online location is set in the US, your bank may temporarily block your card due to strange activity – but contacting them and informing them that it is indeed you will fix that.

Once the sign-up process is complete, you are all set to download the Hulu App for your respective device and start streaming.

Make sure, though, that you’re running a VPN / Smart DNS set to the US on the device as well though, and that your app store region is set to the US too – since only that store will have the Hulu App open for download.

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