How to Watch Hollyoaks Online

This show first began in 1995 from the mind of the Brookside creator. Since then it has run none stop and amassed over 5,200 episodes.

With five episodes per week, this show that looks at the lives of adolescent and the young adult audience, there is plenty of action and goings-on.

It has since opened up to a larger age group, and even after all these years, it has a massive following.

Watch Hollyoaks Online

The British soap has broached many taboo subjects which are often kept in the background, but breaking boundaries has been one of the things that makes it so popular, and one of the favourite shows for many people.

This guide shows how to watch Hollyoaks online, but first, we will take a quick look at the Hollyoaks cast and what makes it so special.

What is Hollyoaks all about?

Hollyoaks is set in the quite Chester town of Hollyoaks. It used to have one episode per week, but
now it airs five times per week with a Hollyoaks omnibus edition once per week.

The original cast consisted of only fourteen characters, but now there are over 50 regulars who star in the Hollyoaks episodes.

Since the show began, it has won 39 British-Soap Awards, 18 Inside Soap Awards, and has won the best British Soap twice.

Once was this year in 2019, and the first back in 2014 when it broke the reign of Eastenders and Coronation Street.

Cast, crew members begin with Lime Pictures who produce the show. Executive producer roles have changed a couple of times, and it has been these changes, which has seen the shows reinvention to what we see today.

Bryan Kirkwood was with the show in 2006, and left, but has since returned to take over the helm.

Characters include the longest running Tony Hutchinson played by Nick Pickard. Mercedes McQueen, played by Jennifer Metcalfe.

She was first introduced back in 2006 and was supposed to be axed. However, she since went on to become a regular and has been the longest surviving of the McQueen clan.

Cindy Cunningham was in the very first episode and has been played by two actors over the years. The first Laura Crossley to be followed by Stephanie Waring.

Darren Osborne is another long-running character who has also been portrayed by two actors. Adam Booth and Ashely Taylor Dawson have both filled the characters shoes.

Now we can take a look at how to catch Hollyoaks episodes online.

How to Watch Hollyoaks Online

Like other streaming services in the UK, the episodes of Hollyoaks which are available to watch are changed every thirty days.

This means that if you want to watch old episodes, you will need to look elsewhere because the latest one that is aired will replace each of the oldest episodes.

There is a solution, but the number of episodes is limited here as well.

If you want to go back over older episodes, you can catch these on Hulu, which currently has 267 episodes available from Hollyoaks season 23, 24 and 25. It is, however, running nearly two weeks behind the latest episodes.

Hulu does have a cost, but it allows access to lots of shows and movies and is often classed as the second Netflix. Access to this service does require a VPN when outside the USA.

To watch online for up to date full episodes of Hollyoaks, there is no better place to go than the source.

This is the Channel 4 streaming service.

Best VPN to Watch Hollyoaks on All4

Watch Hollyoaks on All4

All4 is compatible with a range of devices. These comprise of:

  • Android and iOS and iPad
  • Windows and Mac
  • Smart TV’s Amazon Fire TV/ Stick
  • Game consoles and Roku

Before you can sign up to watch Hollyoaks, you will need a VPN service because of UK geo-restrictions.

The All4 service, though is free to watch, and with a VPN, you have access to a lot more than Hollyoaks.

Signing up is straightforward. All you have to do is follow these very simple steps.

  1. Head to
  2. Enter an email address and confirm this email address
  3. Enter your password and click on “Next.”
  4. Fill in the details on the following page: Name, Date of Birth, Gender, and a UK postcode. (Search on the internet for a UK hotel). Enter the postcode, and if it asks for an address, just select one from the drop-down list.

You will receive a confirmation email that you need to respond to, but that is all there is to it.

You can sign up without a VPN; however, to access any of the latest full episodes of Hollyoaks, you do need a VPN.

Channel 4 Streaming with a VPN

When you stream Channel 4 with a VPN, your connection is encrypted, and your IP address will be changed to that of one in the UK. This allows access to this service.

Because of this, watching Hollyoaks will be as if you are in the UK rather than another country. The recommended VPN for streaming is ExpressVPN, and to sign up for this is a very simple three-step process.

You just enter your email address, pick your payment method, and select your plan. Once installed, all you do to watch Hollyoaks is select a UK server from the drop-down list before heading to the All4 website or app.

The VPN online streaming is the best, because of the fastest download speeds it achieves, no matter which country you reside in.

To fully test the features, you can sign up and make use of their 30-day money-back guarantee as if it was a free trial. From then, it is a matter of clicking on the episode you want to watch online.

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