How to Watch Broadchurch Online

Broadchurch is one of the highest-rated serial crime dramas written for British TV. It ran between 2013 and 2017, but still, lovers of the show want to go back and rekindle their relationship with Detective Inspector Alec Hardy.

The show became of the favourite shows over the 24 episodes that made up season one, two and season three.

While the story began with one initial plot, this was expanded in the latter part of season three. It won critical acclaim, and the Broadchurch episodes were nominated for Baftas among many others.

Watch Broadchurch Online crime dramas

Lovers of the crime drama are keen to find out where they can watch it online and go through the familiar ground with the detective.

This guide shows where you can watch online and rekindle your love affair with the show.

Before looking where you can find full episodes of Broadchurch, we will look at the cast and more at the show to see why it was so popular.

What is Broadchurch?

Broadchurch is based in a fictional town in the UK. The drama series was created by Chris Chibnall, and broadcast on the iTV.

There are 24 full episodes in the series, which has a great cast. Seven of the episodes were directed by James Strong, who has worked on some great TV series.

The first season started with the death of an eleven-year-old, Danny Latimer. This brought with it suspicion and the town was thrown into the media spotlight.

During the second series, David Tennant (ex Doctor Who) who plays Detective Alec Hardy faces a case from his past, which comes back to him.

At the same time, he has to bring the killer of Danny to justice. Season 3 sees the rape of a woman, where Hardy and Ellie (Olivia Colman) have a match on the DNA, which was found on Trish.

The goings-on over the three seasons changed the lives of everyone in the sleepy town of Broadchurch.

Other characters who were in the drama were Ellie Miller played by Colman, who was the deceives sidekick.

Jodie Whittaker takes up the role of Beth Latimer, who is instrumental in the rape case. Lastly, there is Andrew Buchan who plays the suffering of Danny’s father, and husband of Beth.

Every single full episode is grilling to watch, so here are the ways you can go online, watch Broadchurch, and feel the tension again.

Where can I stream Broadchurch?

A lot of show lovers ask this question. With a bit of luck, there are a few places, but they all come with a quirk or so and do require the use of a VPN.

Before looking at these areas, viewers who ask what channel is Broadchurch on?

They will come unstuck because it is no longer on the ITV any longer. It has since moved to these following streaming services.


You can still access all three seasons on US Netflix, although there was talk of ITV pulling it from the streaming service and finding another home for the show.

New subscribers get a one-month free trial when signing up to Netflix. However, it will take an excellent VPN to bypass the restrictions and checks Netflix uses to prevent overseas viewers from accessing the service.

Signing up is straightforward, and can be done from any country. It is the access to the US library to watch Broadchurch season 3, where the country restrictions occur.

BBC America

Broadchurch was created for the ITV, so it may sound strange for it to end up on a rival channel. However, stranger things have happened.

BBC America is slightly different to the UK version and does not allow instant access.

You can sign up for free, and all you need to do is to add a screen name. You follow this with your email address first name, last name, and a password.

This service is usually a part of a TV provider’s package; however, because you can’t sign up for this, there are some streaming services that have the American BBC service in their packages.


This offers a 7-day free trial. You can start the signup process with just your telephone number or your email. This offers 58 channels for $20 per month.


Fubo also offers a one-week free trial. The BBC is in the base package, but this costs $54.99 per month. You do need a VPN to access the website.


There is no free trial. However, you get a discount on your first month. The base packages are Orange and Blue and cost $15 for the first month. Both of these include American BBC.

Other streaming services you can use to sign in are DIRECTV Now, YouTube TV and PlayStation Vue.

These are good alternatives, but the above are more accessible to watch full episodes of Broadchurch. Amazon Prime is one final place, but there is no Broadchurch season 3.

Best VPN to Watch Broadchurch

Watch Broadchurch Online with a VPN

VPN’s will spoof your IP address; this means you get a new one rather than your original IP. To watch Broadchurch season 3, watch online with the best VPN for streaming, which happens to be ExpressVPN.

This service delivers much more for online privacy as well as being the best VPN for bypassing any geo-restrictions.

They have a 30-day money back guarantee, so you can in effect; use this as a free trial.

In this period, sign up for any of the above services, and you can find watching using a VPN is just like you are watching on regular television.

This VPN also supports more devices than any other, so no matter how you want to watch Broadchurch, this VPN has you covered from all angles.

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