How Can I Watch beIN Sports Online

Many sports fans lose the ability to catch their favourite sporting events on regular television. Large broadcasters snap up the rights to these events and make them exclusive to their own service.

One such service is beIN sports. While they offer plenty of sports to cover most tastes, their focus is on football.

Now, large events are not available by conventional viewing means, and to keep up with top events, it means going through beIN sports connect.

Watch beIN Sports Online

There is a problem with this, and that is it comes with geo-restrictions in place. Because the service owners come for the Middle East, it does mean Australian sports lovers will miss out.

Luckily, there is a means to bypass this geo-restrictions. There is actually two ways you can view beIN sports, but the second way also requires a VPN to bypass the restrictions.

Before looking at how you can unblock beIN sports, we will have a quick glance at what this service offers.

Sports Coverage on beIN Sports

Sports you can access on beIN sports are as follows:

  • Australian Rugby Union
  • English Premier League and Champions League
  • La Liga
  • Bundesliga and Europa League
  • NBA
  • World Superbikes and Moto GP
  • FIA World Rally cross
  • And many more.

Streaming beIN Sports Online

For the most part, beIN sports is available through a cable subscription TV service where it comes as an add-on, this means it’s not possible to watch it in Australia, and also it means the cost of the upgraded TV package.

Before starting, it is worth noting that any live streaming can slow your connection from your ISP. They are renowned for throttling connections when users are streaming content of any nature.

With a VPN, they won’t know this, so, your connection won’t slow down as a result.

Subscribing to beIN Sports

There are three packages available and come with the following costs:

  • Daily beIN Connect pass – $4.00
  • Monthly beIN Connect pass – $10.00
  • Yearly beIN Connect pass – $100.00

With these, you have access to beIN Sports channels HD1 to HD17 as well as Gourmet, beJunior, JeemTV and BaraemTV.

When you begin the sign-up process, you have the following details to enter:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Country: Only Middle East Countries shown. There are also reports you can only access the service from the country you signed up from. If this is true, remember the country you used.
  • Phone number – optional
  • Email address and confirm email address
  • Password and confirm password

Once you fill these in, you need to accept the terms and conditions, say if you wish to receive news or allow your email to go to third parties. Check the terms, forget the other two and then click the captcha box.

You will receive a confirmation email to confirm your subscription by clicking the supplied link.

You may find there is a free trial that comes with your beIN subscription; this can change depending on the country you sign up from. It may be 1 week free or 2 weeks, so be sure to check.

There is an app available for either Android or iOS, and in the case of these, you can broadcast live TV with either Chromecast for Android smartphones and Airplay on iOS devices.
Watch live streaming direct on your Fire TV or your Apple TV.

Once you sign up, you can see which matches or sports you can watch live by heading for the beIN sports schedule. This delivers bang up-to-date times for all matches and games.

One thing to note with this, you will need a VPN service that can go on either of these devices, or you can install it on your home router (more on that later).

Second Option for Watching beIN Sports

If you think the above may be too much aggravation, or you are unsure about how to watch beIN sports, you can go the other way and gain access via a US streaming service.

Sling TV is the best service for being able to watch beIN sport live. Sling has two packages, Sling Blue and Sling Orange.

It is straightforward to access beIN Sports and the two packages offer something different. This means the combination package may be a better choice.

  • Sling Blue – $15 per month for 3 months – Regular price $25.00
  • Sling Orange – $15 per month for 3 months – Regular price $25.00
  • Sling Orange and Blue – $25 per month for 3 months – Regular price $40.00

While they don’t have a free taster of the service, they are not giving a reduced rate for three months.

Sling does deliver plenty of facilities to watch on many devices, so you will not be limited when it comes to live streaming beIN sports.

VPN's to access beIN Sports

Best VPN for beIN Sports

With the above solutions for being able to watch live sport, you do need a VPN to do so. These take your internet connection and encrypt it.

When you select a country, which can access beIN Sports, or you want to use Sling TV from the USA.

No one will be able to tell where you are located, or what your online activity is. There are countless other benefits, as you will find out.

Now, picking a great VPN for Australia isn’t easy, so we cut through all the work and came up with two options.

The first holds second place in the world, and if you read our NordVPN review, it paints a good picture.

It is decent, but it can suffer in some regions or over long distances, this means from Australia to the USA or even to the Middle East, your connection speed may suffer.

Not only that, they are not the fastest at giving a refund if you don’t like their service.

The second option is the better. They have a 30-day money-back guarantee, but in effect, this acts like a free trial.

If there is any reason, you don’t like the service, they refund you no argument before the end of the 30-days.

Users can now also check for the ExpressVPN coupon, this gives three months free to new subscribers.

Fifteen for the price of twelve is good in anyone’s book and is not the only reason why this is the best VPN for sports.

Users can actually sign up to ExpressVPN. Sign up to Sling TV and make use of their 7-day free trial. You can watch beIN Sports online free until this period runs out.

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