How to Get American Netflix in Australia

Netflix is the largest and the most popular streaming service in the entire world due to their great service and massive libraries, among other things. But as big as the Netflix libraries are, they are different for every country.


Sometimes they have the copyrights to stream a Netflix tv shows or a movie in one country, but not another. This selective streaming has been the bane for many people that only just want to watch some good content.

American Netflix

Why Change Libraries?

Netflix US LibrariesLikewise, the Netflix US Library is the largest library in the world; it is bigger than all others combined, and for a good reason. Most of the world’s largest studios are located in the US, and they use the US audience to experiment on with different methods because of their tastes, in general, are not that “well defined.”

This is both a good thing and a bad thing for us. Good because we don’t have to watch those horrible third class reality shows, and bad because we are left out of a lot of other great content as well, some so old that they become timeless classics, and some that have yet to be released but are already extremely popular. So, what can we do about that?

How to Watch US Netflix?

Before we get to how you have to know why to understand better why we are recommending what we are.

Every device has this thing called an IP address. This address cannot be changed and is unique for every single device. Websites use this IP address to locate your actual location whenever you try to access their content.

Netflix Australia Express VPNEven if they don’t have any restrictions on who and from where one can get access to their content, your IP address is still recorded and used as data by the website owners to better target their audiences and provide more relatable content.

The best example for this is when you do a little window shopping or look something up, just to see their prices. For example, a few days ago I was looking for a good VPN software or two for this article.

How to change Netflix to American?

But in this case, that is also how they block content within an area or allow it. They will use your IP address whenever you try to access it, and if you are not in the country given access to it, it will be restricted for you. For this purpose, we will need either a Smart DNS or a great VPN service.

How to set up a VPN?

Setup a VPNIt is extremely easy to set up a VPN.

1. All you have to do is select a VPN service provider,
2. subscribe to its service (don’t worry, most of them come with a free trial),
3. then download its client and install it.
4. After that sign in using the same credentials, you signed up with.
5. Choose a server, for our situation it will have to be a US server.
6. Then start Netflix normally, and use your old Netflix login to sign in and you will have access to the US library automatically.

The best VPN for Netflix is probably the ExpressVPN. As from my tests I found out that it had the fastest speed, the lowest increment in the delays that every VPN service suffers from.

Smart DNS proxies:

Smartdns ProxyYou also have a second option, and that is to use a SmartDNS proxy. And if you just want to stream, it is not a bad choice, that is if you can find one that is not already blocked by Netflix. I couldn’t find a good reputable one.

You also have the option to get some DNS codes for American Netflix, but they are a gimmick used by hackers and thieves that want to steal your personal information and is not worth the risk.

That is why a VPN is your best choice. And if you are new to Netflix, then there is a month long Netflix trial for all new members as well.

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