How to Access All Blocked Sites in Australia

Along with our constitutional rights, comes the censorship and bans. Restrictions and bans over websites have always been annoying, and our government is now censoring content more than ever.

Your favourite streaming websites are working fine one Sunday, and the very next week it’s no more accessible. There already are about 500 websites in the block list of Australia.

Access All Blocked Sites in Australia

unblock blocked websites

To curb the rising copyright claims, top torrents sites like KickAss Torrents, ExtraTorrent, and The Pirate Bay are blocked and the legal torrenters are also affected by this ban. The discussion for implementing net neutrality is going on around the world, and ISPs will be able to filter more in the coming times.

Well, you can bypass this ISP blocking, and there are some easy ways to deal with blocked websites. Let’s find about them one-by-one:

Virtual Private Networks

One of the best ways to access blocked websites is to use VPN. You can connect to a server located outside Australia, somewhere in the US or the EU and can bypass the restrictions. Your Australian IP address is hidden and the VPN server gives you an IP address of that country to browse the web.

VPN for AustraliansWith your device connected to a VPN, you can also get past geo-blocking. It is a type of restriction imposed by content providers to restrict their content to specific regions. With the services of best VPN for Australians, you can watch the US Netflix or the UK one, which is not accessible from Australia.

You can also watch the amazing shows available on HBO Go or the variety of content offered by Hulu Plus. And all this is available from the comfort of your home.

You also get security and privacy with a VPN. VPN providers like ExpressVPN have a strong encryption system which encrypts any traffic passing through their servers. Thus, your browsing activity is safe from any type of surveillance and record keeping under the Australian meta data laws.

These laws require the communication service providers to keep technical details, the metadata of the communications that happen through them. With your data encrypted, no way can your ISPs keep track of what you are browsing, thus the privacy.

Check our ExpressVPN review to find out more about their features. We also have VPN guides outlining every information you need to know about them.

Proxy Websites

After VPNs, the next easy way to get access to blocked websites is to use one of the thousands of proxy websites. They Proxy Websites for Australianswork in a way similar to VPNs, but you don’t need to install software or change any settings. A proxy website is a middleman between you and the server site. It makes requests to the websites on your behalf and then serves the data on your plate, sorry, device. The ISPs don’t see you accessing the blocked sites, and you can still get all the content you want.

The proxies mostly are available only for browsers, but there also are proxy services available for various programs. To get the list of proxies available for a specific website, all you need is to ask Google.

The only downside to using proxies is that they lack the encryption offered by VPNs. The ISPs know you are using a proxy. System-wide proxies also won’t work with all the programs, and it makes your browsing activity vulnerable. It’s better to pay for a VPN and get a secured browsing experience.

But for quick access to websites, you can do away with proxies and mirrors. Just go to the proxy website and get the services original website offers. But there are frequent ads to compensate for the free service the proxies provide to you.

Smart DNS

Smart DNS for AustraliansAnother popular way to bypass both the ISP blocking and geo-blocking is the Smart DNS service. It routes your traffic through a server anywhere outside Australia. Sounds the same as VPN, isn’t it?

There’s a small difference though. Instead of tunneling the entire traffic, Smart DNS systems tunnel only the location data, making you appear outside Australia.

Because of this, your network speed isn’t affected as in VPN, but this option also won’t encrypt your network.

Tor browser

Tor browsers are known for private browsing. When you browse through a Tor browser, your data passes through the secure Tor servers. These servers encrypt your data, and your ISP thus can’t restrict you from accessing a website. Simply because they don’t know what content you are trying to see.

This heavy encryption, but leads to very slow network speeds. If you want to browse the blocked sites, you can do that with Tor, but for streaming needs, the best option you have is a VPN.

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