Torguard Review

To be completely honest, I had no idea about it till I was asked to review torguard, but man is I glad I did.
Torguard is a comparatively new-er VPN service provider.

It was founded in 2012 and since then it has become more and more popular by the day. I am actually surprised I didn’t hear about it sooner because it’s exactly what I need because I do a lot of downloading.


Torguard for Australians

What is Torguard?

In the simplest terms, it’s a VPN service provider. But unlike normal VPN services, it’s target audience are those that do a lot of peer-2-peer downloading.

Many VPN’s available in the market either simply do not allow BitTorrents or when they do, it’s throttled like crazy and might as well not be there. But recently they have released some proxies, anonymous and privacy bundles that provide different things.

And ones that don’t limit the bandwidth in anyway can be counted on one hand, but then again each has its own advantages and disadvantages. So when I heard about a VPN provider that was specifically designed for torrents, I was excited and rightly so.

You can find all the latest movies and TV shows, games and software’s, basically, anything you can think can be found on torrents, and it’s all free. It wouldn’t be wise not to take advantage of all these great opportunities.

Let’s move on to some pro’s and con’s to make it easier for you guys.

The pros:

• Four different bundles are available depending on your needs. First one is called Anonymous proxy and is for those just want to browse in privacy mainly. Second is called Anonymous VPN is for downloading. Third is Anonymous Email, and as you might’ve guessed, it’s more for businesses and freelancers that want some extra privacy and protection. The last one is called privacy bundle has features from the other 3 packages is more well-rounded.
• Price ranges from $5.95 to $11.54 depending on which package you choose. anonymous-vpn-torguard
• None of the traffic is logged so what you do is between you and your browser.
• As mentioned before, supports p2p connections on its international servers.
• Huge network with more than 1600 torguard servers in over 50 countries worldwide. They used to support about 8 countries and a total of 30 servers back in 2012 so you can see how fast they are growing.
• 256-bit data encryption.
• Unlimited speed and bandwidth, viva la torrents!
• Several different protocols available depending on your needs.
• 5 simultaneous connections supported.
• All major platforms supported, like Windows, MAC, Linux and other handheld devices as well.
• torguard speed test gave extremely good results and it really is made for downloading.
• Great customer support, live chat as well as a ticket based system.
• 7-day money back guarantees.

The cons:

• There aren’t many cons to this great service provider, but I guess it could be a little cheaper. Some of the packages are slightly expensive when compared to industry standards.

The different bundles are really a godsend, you can save quite a bit if you don’t plan to use any of the advanced features offered by some of the bundles, so you can subscribe to the one most suitable for you.

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