How to Unblock in Australia

There are many streaming sites where viewers can stream free movies, but there was none more iconic than Solarmovies.

But, like many, these faced problems and back in 2016, this was blocked in Australia by ISP’s.

This at the time put a halt on one of the best places Australian users could go to watch movies without the need to download them first.

Like many of the best streaming sites, Solar Movies wasn’t going to take this block lying down, so they changed their domain to

While this might work at the moment, it could be blocked at any time with the war on piracy in Australia. Because of this, viewers will be without one of the great streaming of online free movies.

There is a simple workaround to this, and viewers can have Solar movies online like it was never missing. We will take a look at that after we take a look at to see if it is okay to use.

Unblock in AustraliaIs Safe?

When you search for, you are automatically re-directed to This isn’t making use of a Solarmovies proxy because the address is changing.

This means if you are searching for online TV shows, your IP address can be tracked by your ISP.

In this regard, the Solarmoviez website isn’t safe because you are exposed, and your ISP and the governing agency which is fighting piracy will see where, and what you are watching.

With data retention by ISP’s set at 2-years in Australia, this is a lot of data that can be accumulated and used against you.

When you visit the site, you are presented with a search box which is a lot like the one on Google. Here you type the movie and are presented with your search options.

It should be highlighted, even without searching for anything, you have ads, or pop-ups blocked, and you are being tracked by over 200 third-party websites.

If these are harmless annoyances, and you can live with this, then you will find safe to a certain extent. It just leaves you wide open to being bombarded with targeted ads and being tracked by whoever.

Is Legal?

Some of the content might be legal, but if you are online and watch movies such as Star Wars, Kong Skull Island, then no, it isn’t legal.

This could land you in trouble, if not in the near future, you could find later when you visit the site more, there is a knock at the door, or you receive a letter.

There will be a lot of attention on all of the Solarmovie domains because they are associated with the creator of Kickass torrents, and this was found out by merely an email. This shows how easy the powers can find anyone who is doing somethin illegal.

While at this point, once you have searched, you are taken away from the search box screen and you can further drill down the content you are searching for.

Options include search options such as genre, TV shows, top IMDb, and lots of other free movie streaming in regular subcategories.

Although there is a mass of movies and TV shows, fans of anime, manga might be disappointed because these are not widely supported.

It should be highlighted, in the word of the law, streaming movies isn’t illegal as long as they are not for further broadcasting or any part is downloaded or uploaded.

This grey area continues to hand over the use of sites like this, but it shouldn’t be taken as granted everything is safe to use.

unblock using VPNWhy Use a VPN to access

Before taking a look at which is the best VPN to use and how to unblock without being seen by your ISP, it is worth mentioning some of the proxy sites that are available. These might be hand in case you find blocked, or it is taken down.

Again, using any of these Solarmovies proxy sites, caution should be taken because they do nothing for your protection, and only enable you to access the site. Additionally, there is no way of knowing how safe these Solarmoviez proxies are.


It is for the reason of being unsure of safety, or the sites being blocked in Australia why it is still advisable to follow our VPN recommendation, and use the following steps to unblock the Solarmoviez you know is original.

VPN to safely use Solarmoviez.toHow to Unblock With a VPN

There are lots of VPN’s around the globe, but for serving Australian users, there are many which fall short and do nothing for your Solarmovies experience.

They might have small networks and can’t deliver fast download streams, or they are based in countries governed by 5-eyes or 14-eyes jurisdiction.

In this case, they protect your privacy, but if asked, they will hand over information about your online activities, some VPN’s have done this even when they claim they have a zero logging policy.

Here we will presume you will take our recommendation, and then follow these steps to sign up and use the VPN to safely use

  1. Navigate to our recommended VPN website and complete the 3-step sign up process.
  2. Check the confirmation sent to your email address (can be a burner email if you desire).
  3. Download the VPN app (available for lots of platforms and devices)
  4. Log into the app with your account credentials.
  5. From the VPN server dropdown list, select one based in the Netherlands (this is why you need fast download speeds)
  6. Wait until it has connected, and then start your browser and head to
  7. You can access all the content, and now you will find Solarmovies unblocked, and you are hidden from any ISP or governing agency who is trying to clamp down on sites such as this.

With all of the above information, you can access all of the content at your leisure. The VPN that enables you to do this safely is ExpressVPN.

This continually proves itself as the best VPN Australia streaming fans can turn to when they want the job done right.

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