Smart DNS vs VPN – What is best to Unblock US Netflix, HBO Go, Hulu Plus and Amazon Instant

As technology is progressing, so are the many restrictions that come with it. Geo-blocking is one such restriction. It is implemented on all types of content, although we are referring to video programs in specific in this article, a lot of other content is affected by regional restrictions as well.

What is geo-blocking?

geo blockingIn the simplest of terms, geo-blocking refers to restricting or allowing a specific content to users based on their actual physical regions.

For example, Hulu Plus, this is a streaming service from Hulu which airs some of the best TV shows as soon as they are aired, but it is only for people living in the US.

Anyone outside of the US tries to access the service and they get an error saying they do not have permission or this content is restricted.

If you have ever received an error on YouTube saying “The uploader has not made this video available in your country” then it was done the same way.

How does it work?

If a device is capable of accessing the internet, then it will have something called an IP address. This address is unique for every device and cannot be changed. Whenever you connect to a website, it will look at your devices IP first and foremost and keep a log of it, recording each user address.

Your IP address will tell your actual physical location to other websites. This means that every website knows your exact address whenever you try to access it, and this how regional restrictions are implemented. If your IP address is not from a place that allows the streaming of the video you are trying to watch, then you simply cannot view it no matter what.

What is a SmartDNS?

A smart DNS service gives your computer a new IP address, one from a place that doesn’t have any restrictions. There is no such thing as a free smart DNS because all of them has some catch.

Some may want access to your personal files whereas others might leech off your internet speed.

What websites can a Smart DNS proxy unblock?

unblockus smartdnsUnlocator is the best proxy service that is available at the moment, and it supports 218 channels as of now (used to be 219 but the number fell). Unfortunately, the Smart DNS Netflix is not an option as American Netflix has blocked almost all proxies including Unlocator.

What is a VPN service?

A VPN service does the same thing as a Smart DNS by allowing you to access restricted content, but it does so by connecting your computer to a server from its network, one that is located in the region that is not affected by any such restrictions.

VPN for NetflixThis process is a little bit slower, but the VPN service provider will encrypt your data in case a hacker tries to access it, and protect your identity along with providing a multitude of other little tools that make your experience better.

Nord and Express VPN are two of the VPN services that are counted among the best VPNs, and they are perfect for streaming.

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