Best Series on Netflix for 2019

Although there are vast numbers of movies on Netflix, the company has been changing tack slightly and delving more into TV shows.

Some of this has come from the success of Hulu which deals more with TV, and some of it has come from viewers wanting more from the characters than a mere two hours.

Either way, it is good news for Netflix viewers because there is a considerable amount of popular series on Netflix that comes with the full back catalogue or there is the new Netflix original series that are just beginning and ready for a life of prime time TV viewing.

As good as this sounds, there is one slight drawback, most of these shows are either delayed, or they are exclusive to US Netflix.

Here we will take a look at the best shows for 2019, and then how we can bypass the geo-restrictions using a VPN for Netflix.

Best Netflix Series in 2019

The best TV shows are varied and stem from animated comedy to reality TV, so there is plenty to watch for every taste.

Some are recurring series which are diving deeper into the story and are due to re-start later this year. This means you can backtrack and catch up on all the previous Netflix seasons to bring yourself up to speed.

Netflix Bojack HorsemanBojack Horseman

This show might be animated, but is not one for the kids and is strictly for adults who like quirky humour.

It was created back in 2014 to warm reviews from critics, but in the latter part of the first season, things heated up and more praise was cast on the show.

Since then it has gained plenty of acclaims and can range from humorous to a little more thought-provoking when it deals with real-life events such as sexism, racism, addiction, and self-destructive behaviour.

With 5 seasons already under its belt, Bojack Horseman is ready to grace the screens again this year.

Netflix The Chilling Adventures of SabrinaThe Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Having just finished season one, the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is geared up to tackle season 2 in April. Loosely based on Sabrina, the Teenage Witch, it goes a bit further and much darker than the old show.

This supernatural horror was created and based on the Archie comic books of the same name, and produced by Warner Bros.

With a Christmas special and the first season to catch up on before the second season starts, viewers in Australia will quickly see this is one of the top series on Netflix.

Black Mirror British science fiction seriesBlack Mirror

This long-running British science fiction series takes a dim peek at modern society from the angle of what happens when new technology goes wrong.

The show is highly rated, and its roots were based on the Twilight Zone, so it has plenty of inspiration to work with.

Such is the success of Black Mirror, there was a standalone movie made late last year which is also highly acclaimed. Black-Mirror-Bandersnatch.

American Vandal NetflixAmerican Vandal

This show has only had 2 seasons and was a good series on Netflix until they pulled the plug in 2018. It takes a look at a high school prank, and was a satire on true crime and explored the aftermath of twenty-seven cars being covered in phallic symbols.

The second season followed Sam and Peter as they investigated an a

ll-new crime. This was in a local Catholic school where the lemonade was laced with laxatives. The culprit naming themselves as “The Turd Burglar,” so you can see the direction the show was taking.
It might be time to watch both seasons before Netflix decide to pull it from the catalogue.

Netflix Queer EyeQueer Eye

This TV show is a reboot of the famous Queer eye for the straight guy. It has 2 seasons which follows the exploits of a ‘Fab Five’ who are setting out to Atlanta in an attempt to change their wardrobes, diet, and grooming along with other aspects of their personal lives.

This reality TV show was well acclaimed, and eager viewers will be keen to see how the guys get on when season 3 returns.

Star Trek Netflix seriesStar Trek

This science fiction show is a prequel to the original show and based 10 years before the Enterprise made an appearance.

With the second season just starting, there isn’t any time to catch up with season one, but it is an all-new storyline, so sci-fi fans can bask in the exciting action going on in deep space.

Star Trek is one of those shows which will go on forever, and each brings a new twist on the old classic that has spawned so many other TV shows and technologies.

Two other popular Netflix series is Jessica Jones and her quest to become a private investigator after a short time as a superhero. This is up to season 3 and is loved by critics and viewers alike.

Lastly, TV wouldn’t be the same without mentioning ‘The House of Cards.’ Kevin Spacey took the lead role as a congressman who wants to take up power with the help of his wife.

The show sadly ended, and Spacey retired before the final season. A classic nonetheless and does make essential gripping TV.

Unblock US Netflix in AustraliaHow to Watch US Netflix in Australia

Now, as was mentioned, US Netflix is geo-blocked and can only be accessed by US subscribers to the service. But, there is a simple workaround.

A Netflix subscription is global, but when you sign in, it defaults to your home region. When you want to watch American Netflix in Australia, you need to use a VPN.

Once you have a VPN, you can change your location, and from here, all of your data can look as if it is coming from the USA. This makes it easy to catch all of the US Netflix content, and all the great shows mentioned above.

We could run through all the top VPN providers and explain their weaknesses, but to save all the hard work, we can get right to the point.

The best VPN for Netflix delivers the fastest speeds, and continually bypasses Netflix restrictions for being accessed from a VPN (Many fail at this point). It also provides military-grade security and encryption so no one can see what you are doing online.

ExpressVPN is the one to go for, and any Netflix viewing experience will be the best, and it is the ultimate way how to get US Netflix in Australia without a doubt.

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