What is the Best Popcorn Time VPN for Australians?

Popcorn Time app is open-source software with which you can watch latest movies and TV shows. And Popcorn Time review shows it does its work quite well and that’s too for free.

Popcorn Time is a free streaming service for the new movies and TV shows you want to watch. It uses the Netflix style for categorising the content available and is thus, also called the pirated Netflix.

If you find your Popcorn Time not working, I have the solution here, but before that let’s see how does Popcorn Time work?

Popcorn Time in Australia

How to use Popcorn Time?

You can use Popcorn Time in the same way as you use other streaming services like Amazon or Netflix, but it works without registration.

You browse through the catalogue, select the one you find interesting and start watching. And if you need something specific, it’s available a quick search away.

Popcorn Time is different though, as it uses the BitTorrent protocol used for torrenting. The video you selected is brought to you by different users scattered all over the world instead of a single server. A small tracker file keeps track of all the background things as it does for torrents.

But unlike most torrent downloaders where you can’t watch until the download completes, Popcorn Time allows to stream as the download proceeds.

The video is available in a temporary folder, and you can keep a copy if you want to watch it later. If you only want to stream a movie online, it’s easy there.

The software is available for a range of devices including Android, iOS, Mac, Linux, and Windows

Is Popcorn Time legal in Australia?

Using Popcorn Time isn’t illegal. It uses the P2P BitTorrent protocol to stream what you want. But the content sources may not be legal, in most of the cases they aren’t.

Unlike the paid streaming services, Popcorn Time doesn’t host the content on its servers, it searches and makes it available to you.

And this is the reason why the officials blocked the website and app in many countries including Australia. But with a Popcorn Time VPN, you can access its services. Let’s see how.

Use Popcorn Time with VPN

You can connect to a VPN server outside Australia and start using Popcorn Time in the usual way. After a successful connection, the server masks your IP address with one of its own and gives you a new one.

This new IP address is from the region, where the server is located, and thus you can stream Popcorn Time without anyone knowing.

Popcorn Time with VPNExpressVPN is a VPN software which has servers in many countries. So, if Popcorn Time is not working on a server, you can connect to a server in another country where it still works.

The ExpressVPN app makes the process quick. You disconnect from the present server, select another one from the list and connect.

It is available for a lot of devices ranging from PC to mobiles and gaming consoles to set-top boxes.

Apart from masking IP addresses, ExpressVPN also encrypts your connection to the VPN server. So, no matter what you try to stream, your ISP can’t see it. ExpressVPN though comes at a price.

If you are thinking to get a free VPN for Popcorn Time, I would advise against it. Why? It’s because free VPNs do not support the P2P protocol used in the service.

And if you find one, you won’t find the transfer speed as good as ExpressVPN provides for a trouble-free streaming

Is Popcorn Time safe?

While the official Popcorn Time is safe and legal, not the same can be said about the content. But since the service Popcorn Time is safe and legalwent down many times, many unofficial versions have cropped up. Popcorn Time is open-source and thus copied and cloned.

So, unless you download a malware, you are safe with Popcorn Time movies and TV shows. But beware of what you are streaming as you are with torrent files. Only open the links you know you can trust. But get a VPN first.

As all the content available at Popcorn Time aren’t legal, it’s advisable to use a VPN service like ExpressVPN.

It hides your online activity to keep you safe from surveillance, and it doesn’t even keep logs of the activity. With ExpressVPN you can unblock Popcorn Time and watch as many movies and favourite TV shows as you want.

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