Can I Use Peerblock for torrents?

They are looking out for you. Who? The ad trackers, spyware companies, marketing agencies and many more who you wouldn’t want.

While you’re on the Internet, anyone can peek into your network and see what you’re doing. PeerBlock is a software which offers a solution by blocking a long list of IP addresses to which you don’t want to give any access.

What is PeerBlock?

PeerBlock is an open-source firewall software which is available for free. While you can use any other firewall program to block the host IP addresses, PeerBlock makes the task easier. The software maintains a group of hosts in various lists.

PeerBlock is an open-source firewall softwareThese PeerBlock lists contain hosts in categories like spyware, advertising, educational IP addresses and P2P monitoring services.

And as you can guess, the peer-to-peer list blocks those addresses who monitor your file sharing activity. It’s like the torrent block list because those companies look for the people sharing pirated movies, software and music using torrents.

How does PeerBlock work?

This free peer blocker software blocks the data packets coming from or going to a list of blacklisted addresses. It blocks any incoming or outgoing connections to the IP addresses in those lists.

These blacklists are made available by And you can always add new block lists or unblock specific addresses.

But if you’re looking for anonymity, PeerBlock isn’t the one for you. It can hide your torrenting activities from a set of IP addresses but not from everyone.

Your IP address is visible, and the other connected peers and even your ISP can see you uploading or downloading content.

Is PeerBlock a VPN?

No, both PeerBlock and VPN take a different approach to providing you security. While PeerBlock blocks the IP addresses tracking your activity, a VPN encrypts your data transfer. PeerBlock sounds an excellent way to stop peers from tracking you. But there’s a problem.

Peerblock for torrentsThe first issue with PeerBlock is that it can slow down your download speed. If you employ a combination of blocklists, you may end up blocking even those peers who are seeding your torrent files. Less number of peers means lesser download speed or maybe no download at all.

And not all those peers which you blocked are tracking you. They came in the list because they fall under the category you chose.

So, PeerBlock affects download speeds. And the next problem is you can’t block all the malicious IP addresses which track you; it’s impossible.

PeerBlock blocks a range of addresses, be it of educational institutions, advertising agencies or the P2P trackers, but there still would be some which won’t come in its radar. In fact, in present time, the only way to get rid of malicious services is to block all the addresses.

Isn’t it? Even if you can prevent all those who monitor your activity, the torrent tracking peers, they can easily change their address and start again.

VPNs prove to be very handy when it comes to changing IP addresses. With a service of VPN online, a company can have hundreds of IP addresses.

VPN providers like ExpressVPN have servers all over the world, and it’s near to impossible to block all the IP addresses allocated to those servers.

So, in the end, you can’t block everyone who is monitoring you. But still, you can be secured if you use a VPN. Let’s check the advantages.

PeerBlock vs VPN

With a VPN you can hide your IP address. Instead of blocking out all the trackers and thus slowing down your torrent downloads, you can fake your IP address. Yes, by connecting to a VPN server you can get a new virtual address. The server masks your real IP address and gives you one of its own.

PeerBlock vs VPNSo, you can download as many files through torrents, and none of them will look like to be going to you. OK, another advantage of using a VPN is that it encrypts your data.

While PeerBlock can block the trackers, the ISP can still see your activity. But with a VPN, it won’t.

Check our detailed ExpressVPN review if you want, before deciding. Your ISP will see the data transfer to and from the ExpressVPN servers but won’t know what’s in those data streams. With PeerBlock you don’t get this advantage.

And ExpressVPN doesn’t keep the connection logs. So, you can be sure that whatever you do is private to you.
Those were the reasons why VPN is the best for torrents and PeerBlock isn’t. Wish you a happy torrenting!

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