How to Get Secure Online and Regain Your Privacy

For the most, we take for granted that the internet is free and uncensored, or we become oblivious to the fact that it is no longer this way.

From tracking companies to hackers, we are continually threatened by privacy invasion in one form or another. The more time we spend online, the worse, this will become.

Becoming secure and protecting your privacy is a must and is not as difficult as you may think. Here are some must-do things to ensure you are again safe and your privacy is protected:

Top Security and Privacy Tips

secure passwordSensitive Accounts and Strong Passwords

Strong passwords should be the order of the day with each account having a password which is not related to your personal info of is similar to any other password.

To make sure this happens anywhere that offers two-factor authentication should be used, and all your passwords should be stored in a secure password manager.

Any passwords stored on your device without protection can be found by any hackers who find their way in.

Spyware and Specialized Security

Malware covers a host of sub threats with spyware being one of them. Things have moved on from viruses and have become much more of a threat. Spyware, ransomware, key-loggers, and spam all fall under this umbrella and pose risks to our security and ultimately our online privacy.

There are a number of specialised anti-malware software products you can choose to secure this form of threat on your system.

Secure Browsers

We all access the internet through our browsers, so these are an area we need to make sure is protected. Newer versions block out certain things, yet there are more secure browsers that will delete search history. We can go a step further and install extensions which beef up privacy and security.

Ad-blockers (uBlock Origin) and tracking prevention (Disconnect) are two of the most popular and do an excellent job in helping minimise threats and annoyances.

VPN for Secure ConnectionsPublic Wi-Fi and Secure Connections

A secure connection can solve many problem areas in privacy threats, and the solution to this is through the use of VPN Services.

What these do is to pass all of your data through tunnels that are hidden from general view. Your IP address is changed, so your location appears to be somewhere else and more likely in another country.

The advantage with a VPN is you can’t be tracked as no one knows you are connected to the internet. This also prevents hackers from finding your IP address and hacking into your system and home network.

A good VPN is also ideal when roaming and making use of public hotspots where security is weak. In the case of children who frequent these places, they will be secure as they can connect and no online predator would even know a child could be sat next to them whom they are trying to approach.

Phishing Links

A great deal of online security is compromised by phishing. This is where emails are sent that appear to be from reputable companies who ask you to log-in and fix the problem or read the enclosed message that is on their web page.

Links in the email are erroneous, and the web page is fake, and as soon as you type your log-in and password, the hackers instantly have access to your account.

Questionable Web Locations

This online threat is similar to the phishing scams yet involve websites and downloadable content that is not as it appears.

In many cases, this is how malware becomes installed as it is connected to the original software program.

More recently it has been found malicious code has been inserted into adverts, videos or any other part of a site that a user might visit for a length of time. This code is structured to perform cryptocurrency mining while the users are using that particular site. (Editors Note: We love cryptocurrency and the privacy it brings – check out our Bitcoin VPN article.)

This shows how cyber-criminals look at every opportunity to invade a user’s privacy and either compromise their system or obtain their personal information to access accounts.


With all you can do to prevent attacks, tracking or secure your privacy there is nothing stronger than education.

This is more of an issue with children. A responsible parent should enforce what and where their children should be viewing and what they should be watching out for.

A free screensaver or a toolbar that is added to a browser can have many more severe consequences than a child can be fully aware of.

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