NordVPN Review

If you’re overly concerned about online security / privacy – NordVPN is a service that provides paranoia-grade encryption, in conjunction with absolutely logless policies.


The VPN is based in Panama: a country (now) well-known for its loose legislative policies that have allowed it to nordvpn-androidbecome a tax haven. With its Panamanian roots, Nord VPN has absolutely no compulsion to maintain any logs pertaining to its user’s activities, and as such, is the go-to choice for individuals afraid of government snooping (not that we condone illegal activities).

NordVPN for Aussies

If you’re still not sold: the service offers Tor over VPN as well as multi-hop connections to make it virtually impossible for even the most seasoned hackers to trace out your online activity.


The VPN is priced at a pricier than average USD $11.95/month, but if you go for the 12-month package, the net cost comes out to a mere AUD $6.99/month. Our NordVPN review also found that the service offers a 30-day money back guarantee – but this isn’t a no-questions-asked policy: you will have to allow their support staff to resolve your issues before a refund is a made.

Core features


NordVPN has 550 servers, in some 47 countries around the globe – including in South Africa. Furthermore, torrent filesharing is fully supported on servers located in Luxemburg, Canada, Latvia, Holland, Sweden, Romania, and Russia. Six simultaneous connections with a single NordVPN login are supported.

For encryption, rock-solid OpenVPN standard is utilized with AES 256 bit cipher, SHA-2 authentication, and RSA 2048 handshaking. All NordVPN servers are secured by means of a firewall, and SSH links utilize different ports.


Because of the added security features utilized by NordVPN, it does suffer from somewhat average download speeds – so NordVPN Netflix usage may be a bit choppy depending on your location. However, the stringent security measures mean absolutely no risk of IP / IPV6 or DNS leaks for the VPN.

The desktop client is remarkably easy to install and operate, with server lists by country as well as the specific name, and the settings tab has options like a killswitch, TCP/UDP switch, DNS leak security and so on. Similarly, useful clients are also available for Android, Linux, iOS, Mac OS X, and the service can also be configured on hardware routers.

Furthermore, thanks to the well-organized, comprehensive support pages as well as 24/7 LiveChat facility, you won’t have to look up ‘how to setup a VPN’ even if you’re a newbie subscribing to NordVPN.

All in all, if you’re looking for uncompromisingly robust online security and impregnable privacy, NordVPN will be a great choice for you. However, those who prioritize speed may want to look elsewhere.

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