How to Fix the Netflix Proxy Error Forever

If you’re reading this, then obviously, you know what Netflix is, but in case you’re just doing some preliminary research, then Netflix is a streaming service, and not just any service, but the best streaming service out there, period.

What is the “You seem to be using an unblocker or proxy” error?

Unblock Netflix Proxy ErrorThis error comes up when Netflix detects that the user (that’s you), is using a Virtual Private Network or VPN service for short, or an unblocker. And it does so because Netflix has its content divided by region.

This means if you are, let’s say here in Australia for example, then what you see and what TV shows/Movies and other content another user that is located in the US sees are different.

For now, the US library of Netflix is vastly superior to what we have here or anywhere else in the world. That’s why people use VPN services or unblockers.
These services allow you to change your computer’s IP address, which sites use to find out your actual physical location, and then only give you content that is allowed in your region.

How to get American Netflix in Australia?

American Netflix in Australia

As mentioned before, there are two main ways to unblock Netflix, and that is through the use of either VPN providers or Unblocker proxy service.

What is a VPN and why should I choose it?

A VPN service provider will connect your computer to one of their servers, and then reroute all of your data through this server instead of directly connecting to any website. This way the IP address of the server will be seen and your identity will be kept private; this is also how they provide anonymity to users.

For us, this is great news because if we choose to connect to a server located in the US, then we can access the US Netflix library as our IP will be shown as the US as well.

What are the best VPN’s?

Unblock Netlfix VPN

There are many VPN services out there, but the following two are the top-rated VPN providers for streaming:

1. ExpressVPN: This is a very well rounded VPN provider that provides one of the best services at a relatively low price.
It has a huge network spanning over 94 countries and 145 locations. Great speed with 256-bit added encryption for your data.
It also comes with a full 30-day money back guarantee incase you don’t like their service.
2. NordVPN: Nord’s main focus is providing top quality service hence it costs slightly more than other services, but is well worth it.

Has several options to choose from for your data encryption with up to 3 different protocols and as much as 2048 bits of encryption.

With more than 760 servers in over 57 countries worldwide it will give you a lot of extra options as well for when you’re not streaming.

Nord’s main focus is on security above all, and it does that without sacrificing speed, which is not an easy achievement.

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