9 Best Kodi Movie Addons

Kodi fans are crawling around the internet for the latest release of 17.6 Krypton which packs a new user interface, easier navigation, enhanced skins and more back end features and updated ways of how to watch movies on Kodi.

For new and old users alike, it’s time to add your favourite Kodi add-ons for movies to get the best viewing experience possible.

Best Kodi Movie AddonsStreaming your favourite movies on Kodi Krypton add-ons without using a VPN, can definitely put you into copyright and infringement problems.

This is due to unofficial Kodi addons being looked at as being illegal in many countries and make you ask, what can you watch on Kodi?
Before looking at how to protect against these issues. Here are nine of the best Kodi movie add-ons available:


This is the official (unofficial) add-on replacement for a long time favourite Exodus and was brought to the Kodi public by the original developer for different reasons.

TVAdd-ons vanished for a while, and it had an effect on the performance of Exodus. Now this new add-on fulfills most users’ needs without relying on any other add-on to catch the best movie experience

Golden Age

If you can’t get enough of good cinema? Then The Golden Age Kodi add-on has all you need. This add-on offers nothing but golden oldies from the days when movies were more about acting talent and cleverly written stories than CG and countless explosions.

Thankfully, all films which are accessed through the Golden Age are freely available for the public to view. You can find this add-on located in the Zero Tolerance Repo.


The Uranus Kodi add-on is designed to feed movie streams directly into your Kodi app. Like many of the other third-party add-ons, Uranus finds these streams and streams them from unofficial sources which don’t have the correct content licenses in place.

These legal issues might cause problems for Aussie Kodi users because of data retention laws.

Movie Theatre Butter

Movie Theatre Butter stems from an Exodus and Incursion fork which serves up Movies and TV Shows. However, its main feature is its auto-play ability which makes it one of the best Kodi apps for movies.

Categories offered in Movie Theatre Butter include Movies, My Movies, New Movies, New Episodes, Channels, Tools, and Search.

When you select a title, you see the add-on scrape through sources in the upper corner of your screen.

Once it has finished, the Movie automatically begins to play. With this, there is no more trial and error to find a working source. This useful add-on does all the work.

Neptune RisingNeptune Rising

Neptune Rising is very similar to Covenant once you have it installed. You will notice it has 11 categories which include: Movies, Top Movies, Playlists, IMDB User Lists, My Movies Critters Corner, What the Fork. My TV Shows, Tools & Search plus many others.

When viewing the Movies sections, Neptune Rising will offer plenty of 1080p & HD Quality streams which are sorted by many various filters such as year, genre, actor, and many more.

Fantastic HD

The Fantastic HD add-on is a fork of the popular Covenant add-on and holds thousands of movies which are sorted into 8 categories. These will include HD streaming movies, New Movies, TV shows, new Episodes, and much more.

It also has the movies and shows sorted by popularity, number of views, etc. The best feature of Fantastic is all the content is made available in HD.

Although it is a reasonably new add-on, it has already become trendy and is one of the best movie add-on for Kodi available.


This came from a fork of the Covenant add-on. Incursion shows the same interface and ease of use as its counterpart.

With only 9 sections to choose from, Incursion is easy to use and faster in how to get movies on Kodi.

The Categories include Movies, TV shows, My Movies, New Movies, New Episodes, Channels, Tools & Search and more.
The Incursion add-on offers a wide variety of Movies with many sub-categories where they are sorted into. Genre, Year, Different languages, Oscar winners and Box Office are a few of the options available.

Another handy feature provided is the prospect to integrate a Trakt TV account (in the Tools Category). Trakt TV makes it unflustered to manage your movies on Kodi of what you have watched on your many Kodi devices.

Neptune Rising

No one should be without an add-on which offers more than Covenant. The thing with Neptune Rising which comes from a fork of Covenant and Exodus is it has a better content library and much better quality streams.

The Neptune Rising Kodi add-on has made headlines because of the positive reviews by the many users who already have it installed. Users claim it offers HD quality streams, which play with a single click, and its buffering speed is also good, so there are not many glitches.


Specto is one of the best apps on Kodi for movies but is often disregarded. The responsive user interface makes

Specto one of those Kodi add-ons which you should unquestionably be using on a consistent basis.

The Specto Kodi add-on presents the user with the following categories; Movies, My Specto, TV Shows, Channels, The Latest Movies, The Latest Episodes, Tools, and Search and more.

The Specto Kodi add-on supports Trakt integration which will help manage and track your watch-lists for both movies and TV shows.

Why a Kodi VPN?

Thousands of people have rushed to download Kodi and installed on numerous hardware platforms such as smart televisions and game consoles, tablets and remote controls among many others.

Kodi VPNSubsequently, Kodi lets users play and view most online streaming media such as video, music, and podcasts along with many others. Kodi users need a VPN to help them access location-blocked content available from different regions.

It also masks your IP address, thus making you utterly invisible to cyber-criminals, hackers, and government or movie agencies who might check for illegal downloaders or streamers.

Kodi can be configured on many devices like Android, iOS, Linux, Windows, Mac OS, Xbox, and PlayStation as well as the smart TV’s and Kodi boxes mentioned previously. ExpressVPN is continually ranked as the number one best VPN for Kodi in Australia.

A Kodi VPN also allows Australian internet users to freely browse the internet without any of their data is retained (2 years) by their ISP. A VPN connects to different VPN servers around its global network.

Looking for the top kodi addons for TV? Check out our in-depth article.

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