How to Watch Coronation Street Online

ITV Coronation Street is one of the many UK TV shows, Australians love to watch. Popular in Britain as Corrie, Coronation Street is on air since the 60s, and you can watch Coronation Street episodes online on iTV Player.

And after you finish reading this guide, you can watch all UK TV shows in Australia. It’s easy.

A bit of work but easy. Coronation Street is the story of the lives of people in Coronation Street of the Weatherfield town. And here’s how to watch Coronation Street in Australia.

Watch Coronation Street Online

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Watch Coronation Street online

ITV Hub (earlier iTV Player) is the go-to service for everything available on iTV. You can watch Coronation Street episodes there, Downton Abbey, new talents on Britain’s Got Talent, and many other UK shows popular worldwide.

Other than a range of shows, iTV has a catalogue of regional movies, latest news and also some live sports events, and for free.

Apart from PC and Mac, iTV streaming service is available on a range of portable platforms like Android and iOS. And they even offer it on set-top boxes, smart TVs and gaming consoles. There is quite a lot of options for a free service like iTV. And what more?

ITV Hub has the catalogue from the entire iTV network and not only the channel. So, you are free to watch Coronation Street, The Real Housewives of NYC, Emmerdale, The Chase, iTV Racing and Mr Bean all at one place.

And the service provides on-demand content too. So, if you missed the recent episode of Coronation Street, catch up later when you can, but not after 30 days. The content licensing limits the episode availability to only 30 days after it aired on TV.

There is another problem that arises because of licensing limitation. The online iTV Player is available only in the UK. And so are the other British TV streaming service.

Watch iTV Hub in Australia

Although the iTV streaming is available only to the viewers in the UK, there’s an easy workaround as I said in the beginning.

These geographical restrictions work by analysing your IP address. When you send a request to iTV website for watching Corrie episodes, it checks the IP address accompanying the request. When it sees your Australian IP address, it denies access.

But if you get one of the top VPN providers in Australia, you can bypass the restriction easily. A VPN is one of the best ways to spoof your IP address and access region-restricted content.

One such reliable VPN service is ExpressVPN. When you choose and connect to it, the server gives your device a new, virtual IP address.

This address is of the server’s location. Therefore, connecting to a UK VPN server of ExpressVPN gets you a British IP address. You are now good to go. All the episodes of Coronation Street for the last 30 days are now available for watching.

And not only does ExpressVPN unblock iTV Hub, but it also hides your online activity. It supports robust security protocols to encrypt all your data transfers.

Your Internet Service Provider can only see data getting transferred between you and the VPN server. It won’t know you are streaming Coronation Street videos from the iTV servers.

No matter how technical it sounds, download Express VPN and see how easy it is to set up. The servers of ExpressVPN provide excellent streaming speed to ensure you buffer-free experience.

Registration Process

So, you downloaded ExpressVPN and completed setting it up? Great! Now you need to register. The iTV service is available free-of-cost, but you have to register an account along with a valid postcode to comply with the regulations.

And it’s done! Watch ongoing Coronation Street episodes or get updated with the previous ones. All the episodes aired up to 30 days ago are available there.

And if you missed nothing, watch the other shows or movies available in their catalogue.

iTV with Expressvpn

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Then, if you want to download and watch videos offline, iTV offers the Hub+ streaming package. It is available at £4 per month, and apart from offline videos, it also lets you watch your favourite shows without any ads.

With ExpressVPN service working on your device, you also have access to other TV services in the UK, be it Sky, Channel 4 or BBC, and even Netflix UK. So, you have the whole of British TV world if you subscribe to the ExpressVPN service.

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