How to Access Putlocker Privately in Australia

Along with downloading copyrighted content via torrents, there also are movie streaming sites like Putlocker. It is quite popular in Australia and ranks among the top 250 websites people visit around the world. And with its rising fan base, original Putlocker went offline.

The authority claims that the website streams content from illegal sources. But after reading this article, you will know how to use Putlocker and also how to access it easily.

Access Putlocker Privately in Australia

putlocker is safe

What is Putlocker?

Putlocker is a streaming site which has a vast library of movies. It doesn’t host any of the content it offers but only directs you to it. Putlocker movie collection is available in high quality, and everything is free to use. So, this site has become a host for pirated contents and is in a constant struggle with the regulating authorities.

The government agencies have forced Putlocker to change its domain quite a lot. The service which started as worked as and for quite some time before it went down.

Being on the top 250 does mean something, and the website soon emerged as, and also Well, like many other governments, Australian government also, is on a banning spree.

With the main site down, there are some variations that claim they are the new version. But nothing can be said for sure as none have the myriad of content available on the original one but for now, a simple Google search returns as the Putlockers new site.

Is Putlocker safe?

While there are some security issues which we will see later, Putlocker review by users around the world says it isPutlocker safe safe for use. If you are one who prefers staying at home on weekends, you can get a bowl of popcorn and can enjoy the movie streaming for free. There are latest movies and also TV shows. But you won’t get lost searching for what you need, everything is well arranged there.

With so much available for free, another question arises that if Putlocker is legal and can you get caught streaming movies? Let’s find out.

Is Putlocker legal?

This is a bit of a grey area and doesn’t have any straightforward answer. While its considered illegal to stream copyright content for free, laws in many countries differ in their views. People receive notice for watching too many pirated movies. But some laws only see downloading content as illegal and not streaming them.

Being said that, if you still want to know how to download from Putlocker, then I will like to tell you there is no direct way. There are many video-grabber websites which can do the task for you, and the only thing you need to feed them is the URL of the video.

So, whether Putlocker is legal or not, it’s better to be on the safe side and take help from the top rated VPN providers.

Access Putlocker with VPN

VPNs are one of the best ways to get access to sites restricted for Australians. A VPN server masks your IP address Access Putlocker with VPNwith another from a different country, and thus, you get access to the content.

There are VPN providers like NordVPN which has one of the strongest encryption systems to safeguard your privacy. It encrypts your network and keeps your browsing activity away from eavesdropping.

There also is IPVanish which has proved its worth over the time, and you can rely on their service to watch movies on Putlocker.

Now that you know how to access Putlocker without any illegal involvement, let’s read in brief about Putlocker safety issues.

Safety on Putlocker

As Putlocker is providing its content for free, there need to be ways to cover its expenses. And these ways at times, harm the device if you aren’t careful. Following are various safety concerns associated with Putlocker:

  1. Mirror websitesSafety on Putlocker
    Putlocker’s website has to change its address many times, and many sites with similar names have popped up to take its place. These sites look identical to Putlocker but are set up by malicious users to lure Putlocker’s fans into downloading malware. Do some research before opening a new URL.
  2. Malware
    As Putlocker doesn’t host any of the content, it’s in your best interest to check feedbacks before streaming anything. There can be malicious files getting downloaded in the background. Keep a check on them.
  3. Pop-ups
    Then there are unlimited annoying pop-ups. While these help the site owners getting money, they can be very dangerous, taking you to sites that are unsafe. Enabling your ad-blocker is the best you can do.
  4. Redirection
    Not only pop-ups, but there is forced redirection also, taking you to external sites with inappropriate content.

With a security software in place and a VPN along with little alertness can give you a pleasant experience with Putlocker. Happy viewing!

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