Everything you need to know about Kodi in Australia

Whenever I tell someone to watch something on Kodi, the first response I get is “What is Kodi?”

While Kodi boxes are gaining popularity among the cord-cutters, there still are many who are trying to figure out how to use Kodi. Worry no more, we are going to clear all the confusions about Kodi.

Kodi in Australia

Best VPN for Kodi

What can you watch on Kodi?

Let’s get started with this magical little software. Oh, yes, Kodi is a media player software. It is open-source and its developer, the XBMC foundation has made Kodi downloads available for free.

And you can see in the Kodi download page that the software is available on a range of devices. Kodi compatible devices include the ones running on Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android. It is also available for Linux devices and Raspberry Pi.

What can you watch on KodiSo, what was that Kodi box I saw online for sale? Kodi boxes are nothing more than Android TV boxes with Kodi pre-installed for you. With Kodi, you have access to an infinite number of streaming services. All you need is the required addon.

Kodi addons are pieces of code to extend the usability of Kodi. There are Kodi TV addons like Covenant, Nemesis and Bob Unleashed to stream live TV. These addons also double up as movie streaming addons.

But there also are movies addon for Kodi like Bennu and 123movies with an extensive movies library. You can also stream from YouTube and also, Netflix with appropriate addons. See this list of best addons for Kodi for suggestions.

For the sports addicts, there are live sport addons like SportsDevil and Elektra Vault to name a few. You can also satisfy your music needs with Kodi music addons. The Nemesis mentioned above has some good options, but there also are others.

Where to find addons for Kodi?

You can find addons in the official Kodi repository, which is inbuilt with the software. You have to choose your preferred addons, then download and install it. The Kodi addons mentioned above, however, are not available in the official repo.

Where to find addons for KodiYou have first to download and install the respective zip file for the repo and then install the addons from within it. Repositories are like storage spaces where the independent developers keep their addons.

As Kodi is open-source, there are hundreds and thousands of third-party addons available for your use. All these are available in different repositories on the Internet.

How to install addons?

Kodi is an amazing piece of software, but without addons you can’t do much with it. To experience its full potential, download the ones required for the service you want to stream.

Installing the official ones isn’t difficult, and they are quite easy to use but installing the third-party addons, involves a few more steps:

  1. Open Add-on manager from the Kodi menu.
  2. Next, choose how you want to install the addon.
  3. If you have the repository zip file installed, select “install from repository.” From the list, open the repository and go to the addon you want to install.
  4. If you didn’t already install the repository, select “install from zipping”. Go to the location where you have downloaded the zip file and install it.
  5. With the repository installed, you can install the addon now, as in Step (iii).
  6. Once the installation is complete, a little notification pops up. The addon is ready for use then.

How to stream Kodi to TV?

After you have set up Kodi (and the addons you need) on your device, you can also stream the videos using a streaming device to a supported TV. You can use Chromecast, for example, to view the content with a browser extension for Chrome on PC.

You can also send streaming content to Chromecast from mobiles which have screen-mirroring feature. You can directly mirror the content on your TV if your TV also has the support for screen-mirroring.

But with Chromecast, you can select to stream only the screen of Kodi and work on other apps without disturbing the display on TV. The other popular options are the Amazon Fire Stick and the Roku Streaming Stick.

Is Kodi legal?

Is Kodi legalWith so much available for viewing, the question of Kodi legal or not is sure to arise. You should be happy to know that the base package is not illegal. You can download and install addons from the official repository without any fear of breaking copyright laws.

But the same may not hold true for the third-party addons. Many of them allow premium content for free. But you don’t need to worry, VPN services are available to help. They are effective in hiding your online activities.

Kodi and VPNs

Before you start using Kodi, it’s recommended to use a VPN. If you don’t already have a VPN service running, take the service of best VPN Australia has. Using a VPN is necessary as some streaming services are not available in Australia.

Catch up services from BBC are geo-restricted to the UK and those from HBO are available only in the US. There are many like these restricted to their respective countries.

Kodi and VPNsWhen you connect to a VPN server, the device is virtually present in that country. The server hides the current IP address and gives the device a new address of the server’s country.

ExpressVPN is one of the services which has a strong encryption system. With the encrypted network, you also get privacy from ISP and/or government.

With your network safe from any surveillance, you can stream with Kodi with peace. Your activity won’t link to you even if you accidentally stream illegal content. VPN providers are not required to keep any logs of the connections and their activity.

With a VPN provider like ExpressVPN and NordVPN, there isn’t much degradation in network speed. Both of these are known for their quality and ease-of-use.

They also have app support for many platforms.

Read our VPN guide to know how VPNs work and also compare the features of different VPNs available.

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