How to Unblock YouTube TV in Australia

After rounds of speculations and waiting, Google has now introduced its over-the-top streaming service earlier this year.

Known as the YouTube TV, this service lets you watch content from the major cable network providers, be it live or recorded. So, let’s help you know about it and watch YouTube TV.

Youtube TV cable free

What is YouTube TV?

YouTube TV is another option you have now got for cord-cutting. It offers live TV content to your mobile devices, and you can stream it to your TV too. You can watch it on almost all devices you currently watch YouTube.

The TV is available alongside YouTube contents on the YouTube TV app at $35 a month. You watch YouTube, no? Not to worry if it’s blocked at your school or office. We will show you how to unblock YouTube at school or your office.

There are already many players, how is YouTube TV different. Well, you don’t have to enter into any contract or get a cable TV box at home. There are no other charges involved.

Youtube TV appsAt $35, you get live programs from ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox. Then you can also access the networks like AMC, BBS America, ESPN, The Disney Channel and others. There are more than 40 networks but ShowTime and Fox Soccer Plus, for example, aren’t available yet.

You need to shell out additional $11 per month for ShowTime and $15 to get Fox Soccer Plus. YouTube TV is compatible with your Android and iOS devices, and you also can stream it with Chromecast.

And what else? There is this unlimited DVR storage. You get to record and store all your favourite shows on a DVR at no extra cost. Did I just mention a box?

Well, no, it’s a cloud DVR. Each recorded content is available online and available for all the devices, up to nine months. Also, you can stream the YouTube TV shows on six devices at once.

YouTube, YouTube Red and YouTube TV

Is it getting too much to handle? Let me simplify it.

The basic YouTube is what we all watch every day, the endless how-to videos, stand-up comedies and what not.

Youtube TV Red what is the differenceYouTube Red is the paid version where you get videos without those annoying ads. Along with an ad-free experience, you get to watch YouTube offline and also background video playback. With a subscription to YouTube Red, you get exclusive access to YouTube Music, Google Play Music and the YouTube Red originals.

But, how to unblock a YouTube video? I am onto it, soon. Let me first clear some confusions about the YouTube TV. If you pay $35 for YouTube TV, you still get the ads with the regular YouTube videos. To get rid of those you need to pay $10 for YouTube Red and that’s for a month.

YouTube TV is a different service. You will get to watch the live TV and other on-demand services available with it. You gain access to the content on YouTube Red but not its subscription. You will see commercials as you do on TV and you will see ads on YouTube if you don’t pay for the Red.

But there is a more significant problem. YouTube TV is available only in the US. Well, not everywhere as of now. You can get its services in the top 83 markets there including New York City, Chicago and San Francisco.

How to unlock YouTube TV in Australia?

Don’t feel left out, you also can get YouTube TV with the best VPN for Australians. A VPN service is able to put you virtually in America.

They encrypt your connection and provide private browsing experience without you facing any legal charges. UponYoutube via VPN connection, all your traffic is sent to you through a server in the US.

This way, you also can get YouTube videos unblocked anywhere. Easy, isn’t it? Express VPN has servers in many locations in the US, and you can sure find one present in one of those 83 markets where YouTube TV is available. Connect to it and get the US YouTube and other services as if you’re a local.

Using a VPN isn’t the only way. You can also use smart DNS proxy servers to fake your IP address. SmartDNS services like Unlocator do not tunnel the entire traffic through their servers but only the location data.

Thus, they do not put any pressure on the network’s speed and are thus faster than VPNs but also lack the encryption, VPNs offer.

If security isn’t your concern, you are good with Smart DNS systems. But for privacy from your ISP and other agencies, I will suggest you go to a VPN provider.

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