GoldenFrog VyprVPN review

Switzerland-based Vypr VPN claims to provide the top-of-the-line bandwidth and uncompromising anonymity to their consumers – read this VyprVPN review to find out how these claims hold.



VyprVPN sign up can be done at three tiers: basic (which allows for unlimited bandwidth and 2 simultaneous logins at $6.67/month), pro (which allows for unlimited bandwidth, 3 simultaneous VyprVPN logins, NAT firewall and Chameleon protocol at $8.33/month), and premier (which allows for unlimited bandwidth, 5 simultaneous logins, NAT firewall and Chameleon protocol at $10/month).

The basic offering should be avoided by all but the most budget bound of internet users – the pro package VyprVPN price is the most balanced option since it gives the users core functionality as well as the advanced Chameleon and NAT firewall add-ons.


It is worth noting that VyprVPN software service is based in Switzerland, so on the surface, it is protected by the strong Swiss online privacy laws. However, the parent company i.e. GoldenFrog is partially based in the United States, and therefore is subject to US laws. In other words, the US government has the prerogative to ask the company to provide information on its customers, should they deem necessary, as per the Patriot act.

Furthermore, the service keeps connection logs of all user activities for 30 days – and while they are pretty clear on why the keep them, one of the reasons they state is to help in the investigation of a crime committed over the service: the fact remains that your privacy is still subject to government laws, then.

Core features

The VPN software uses a Tier-1 server network consisting of over 700 servers located in over 50 different cities. The network is owned and managed by the service itself, so the raw download/upload performance is incredibly swift – at least in this claim, the service is justified.

Besides the standard OpenVPN, L2TP/IPsec and PPTP protocols, the service also offers a proprietary Chameleon™ protocol. It uses regular OpenVPN 256-bit encryption but scrambles the packet metadata, so your data streams cannot be decrypted through deep packet inspection. As such, this protocol is great for bypassing restrictive government firewalls.

The NAT firewall available with the pro and premier packages blocks out unsolicited traffic, adding to the overall security of your device. Also provided is VyprDNS – the company’s zero-knowledge Smart DNS solution that is made to work flawlessly with the core VPN client (third party clients often have issues).

The chief issue with the otherwise excellent feature-set is that the VPN does not support P2P filesharing, so in spite of their fast downloading speeds, it cannot be recommended to internet users who extensively use the Torrent protocol.

Platform & support


The service has streamlined clients for Windows, Mac OS, iOS, and Android, with clean displays that give basic usage information as well as the status of the service. Settings can be accessed by means of a ‘gear’ icon, and are clearly explained.

Besides the regular support mediums, VyprVPN also has its own forum packed with knowledgeable users who can guide you on issues not covered in the support pages.

This review finds VyprVPN to be a remarkably solid VPN offering which is marred by its dubious stand on user privacy and its lack of P2P support.

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