How to Get Amazon Prime in Australia is the world’s largest online retail store. It started out by selling books online, and later on, it took the world by storm, expanding to offer almost all type of consumer goods and other electronic devices.

Amazon now has its range of devices, named as Kindle and offer different functions such as e-book reader, tablet, TV along with a media adapter.

Amazon Prime was launched back in 2005. This is a subscription based service that offers streaming services for movies, TV shows, and other programs as well as other benefits such as free shipping, among others.

amazon prime

Unfortunately, like many other similar streaming and video on demand services, the offered TV shows and movies to the American audience far outweigh the content that is provided to us, the Australian audience.

Amazon Instant video is not officially available here in AU for now. Although some people can sign up for it through their website, it is for US and UK residents only, and it’s the full package of Amazon Prime video Australia that is not yet here.

Amazon has outdone itself. Prime is a full package and includes hundreds of separate TV shows and movies as well as entire channels.

For example, HBO shows on Amazon Prime include Westworld, which is the new Game of Thrones from HBO. It has taken the world by storm. Amazon Prime Top Gear is also available on demand.

Why should you go for Amazon prime?

Although this is more of a personal choice and no matter how many statistics I give you, it won’t change much, but I will still try.

Amazon offers the prime services at a very low price compared to most other similar services, and best of all, it has many of its original shows like “The man in the High Castle” and “Hand of God,” which are only available on Amazon Prime for now.
These TV shows and programs are nothing to sneeze at and provide quality content.

How can you get access to them?

amazon prime vpnThrough the use of a VPN. There are many free VPNs out there, but it is quite risky using them, and most of the times they will be so slow that you won’t even be able to watch anything in a proper format.
Because of that, the best VPN for Australia is currently either ExpressVPN or NordVPN.

Both of them are most suited for streaming because they offer the least reduction in speed which is caused by rerouting all of your data through a server from their networks, but this step is necessary and unavoidable.

On average, your Internet connection’s speed is reduced by about 15 to 40%, which is a lot and cannot be ignored, especially for a streaming service such as Amazon Prime, which automatically adjusts the streaming quality on your device to buffer more easily, and not cause stuttering during the stream.

This means if your connection is not fast enough, the video quality of the stream drops.

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