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Flixtor was one of the top streaming websites to go to for free movies and shows. However, late in 2018, something happened, and it mysteriously went offline. In this Flixtor Review, we delve deep into this once popular streaming giant.

Now, as soon as users went to watch Flixtor, what happened to Flixtor was the initial reaction?

What was confusing to some users was that there is a P2P app with the same name. We will look at this later.

Flixtor top streaming websites

TL;DR Flixtor Guide

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  3. Fire up your VPN then head to Flixtor or your favourite Flixtor Alternative
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This, however, is nothing related to the Flixtor streaming site, apart from using the same name.

We will take a look here at what Flixtor is, and how things stand now after its disappearance and sudden resurgence.

We will also see the best Flixtor alternatives, and how to access these safely out of the sight of any copyright trolls.

What happened to Flixtor?

There are countless sites, which still claim Flixtor is no more. However, you can search for this streaming website and find results.

One thing that is strange with all the sites where you can find movies online. They all claim to be the real Flixtor, and the original site went under a complete re-write of the code.

They all offer movies and TV shows in the same format and layout. Even if these are not the legitimate Flixtor replacement, they are still hounded by the movie industry for serving up copyright-protected content.

Ever since there was a Flixtor blackout, and the site went offline, there are conflicting stories. However, whichever Flixtor site you end up on, they offer the same functionality.

Is this the Real Flixtor?

The closest offering to Flixtor can be found at flixtor.to. This still appears to be an automated free movie search database that automatically serves up links for movies and TV shows.

Aside from this, there is still the Flixtor VIP section where users have full library access with video quality set at a minimum of 1080p. Aside from this, VIP members can download content, and it removes ads, which are inserted between viewing.

There is still a wide range of TV series in addition to movies that are new releases, or old classics.

Another alternative can be found at flixtor.life, and this says it is the new domain of the original free streaming site.

The layout is the same. Also, users are offered high-quality content. This differs because it has Flixtor recommendations, most popular today, playing in theatres and most viewed.

There is no way to choose the video quality, yet some of the titles are labeled as cam, or the definition they are ripped in. This site also makes it easy to watch movies or watch series in one go, as each episode is listed toward the bottom of the content page.

This page offers a different search method as well. Free streaming content can be searched for by latest release, latest updates, best rated, and most viewed among others.

Either of these best Flixtor copies makes it very easy to watch a free movie by date, popularity, or any other search method. If they are related to the original Flixtor, users may never find out.

This makes it more relevant to take precautions when accessing free movies from unknown sources.

Flixtor Alternatives

Without going into too much detail of each, here are the best alternatives to Flixtor. It should be noted, the same precautions need to be taken when accessing any alternative to Flixtor.

1. MoviesJoy

this is one of the best alternatives to Flixtor because there are no ads. HD streaming is fast, yet some of the video quality was lower than advertised.

2. Popcorn Time

This is a streaming app based on BitTorrent protocols. It will download the file yet allow you to watch either your movie or TV show, and then upload like a torrent file to other viewers.

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It is one of the best alternatives, yet internet trolls and ISP’s closely watch it. You may find it is blocked in some regions.

3. Watch Series

As you can tell from the name, this site is geared up to deliver a TV show. In this respect, it can’t be classed as one of the best Flixtor alternatives because it doesn’t cover a full range of content. It is a good option and worthy of being included.

Flixtor app

This is for an Android device, yet you can’t find it in the Google Play Store. Users need to find it on apkpure.com.

With this app of the same name, you can sort by popularity, date and even by the highest number of downloads.

Even if the app just uses the same name, it is an excellent alternative to Flixtor review because it allows you to stream tons of movies and popular TV series to your phone. The app interface has the same layout as the website.

This app allows you to download or stream, but streaming is the advised method for security reasons. Like all of the above, you will need an excellent streaming VPN service.

Best VPN to Unblock Flixtor

Unblocking Flixtor with a VPN

Any of the above ways to watch Flixtor or its alternatives do need the use of a VPN. You may find it is blocked, or there are streams, which are geo-restricted. A good VPN will bypass these easily to allow access.

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However, the main reason for using a VPN is to stop anyone from seeing your real IP address. In the likes of Popcorn Time, once you begin uploading content that another viewer wishes to see, you are breaking the law.

To be sure, you are safe; the recommendation is to use ExpressVPN. It spoofs and encrypts your IP address, and keeps it out of sight from your ISP and copyright trolls.

You can access all the movies you want safely and securely. Along with this, you will find that this is the best VPN for streaming.

To find out for yourself, you can try them for one month, and if they don’t deliver, just tell them you wish to stop.

This 30-day money-back guarantee means you can end up not paying anything if you are not happy.

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