Surfshark VPN Review

Surfshark is making waves in the VPN world. This Surfshark review looks at this newcomer to see if it can compete with the market leaders.

Tunnelbear Review

TunnelBear VPN

TunnelBear has for a long time been a go-to VPN service for new users. TunnelBear offers a small set of decent applications, but it does suffer in speeds, and compared to many other VPN providers, they have a relatively small network. One thing to company odes different to other VPN’s as they have third-party security … Read more

Secureline VPN Review

Avast Secureline VPN services

There are lots of VPN companies around, and the market is growing, so there are many companies who try to enter without fully understanding the implications of what they are taking on. Others have a solid background in their field and also look at joining the area to become the next best thing in VPN’s. … Read more

What is the Best Bitcoin VPN?

I’m guessing you all now know about Bitcoin, the digital mystery currency. But do you know about the VPN services accepting Bitcoin? Or why should you use the best VPN for Bitcoin transactions? I will tell you here but first, a brief overview of Bitcoin to refresh your memory. Bitcoin and its backbone, the Blockchain … Read more

Are Free VPNs safe to use? Free vs. Paid VPNs

Do you want to get into the world of VPNs? Yes, it’s one of the best ways to keep your browsing activity safe from eavesdropping. And getting VPN services for free is tempting. Everyone loves getting free stuff. Even I do. VPNs, i.e., Virtual Private Networks keep you safe on the Internet by encrypting your … Read more

Anonymous VPN – Which VPN service providers do not keep logs?

Millions of users around the world use a VPN. Why? To protect their privacy on the Internet. In this era of growing surveillance on Internet users, VPNs come handy. They encrypt the network traffic. But, is VPN really anonymous? Let’s see. Does VPN provide anonymity? The answer to this question is not as simple as … Read more

How to Watch Philo in Australia

There are a lot of options now for the cord-cutters. Apart from DirecTV Now, PS Vue, and Sling TV, a new entrant in the market is Philo. Launched by AMC, Discovery, and Viacom, Philo is cheaper than most of the others. But, it only offers entertainment and lifestyle programs, and no sports. So, you can’t … Read more

How to Unblock YouTube TV in Australia

After rounds of speculations and waiting, Google has now introduced its over-the-top streaming service earlier this year. Known as the YouTube TV, this service lets you watch content from the major cable network providers, be it live or recorded. So, let’s help you know about it and watch YouTube TV. What is YouTube TV? YouTube … Read more

How to Access the Pirate Bay Privately in Australia

pirate bay featured

If you are a torrent user you sure are familiar with the pirate bay torrents’ site. The Pirate Bay (abbreviated as TPB) is one of the biggest torrent sites in the world and has lots of digital content to download for free. It uses the BitTorrent protocol for communication. It is a communication protocol for … Read more

How to Watch BBC iPlayer in Australia

bbc iplayer featured

No matter if you’re a passionate Doctor Who fan or someone wanting to see what’s happening in the British parliament, you have probably come across the problem when trying to live stream the program. That’s because it’s currently not possible to watch BBC iPlayer from abroad (outside of the UK). The issue is with copyright … Read more

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