How to Use Vuze for Torrenting Anonymously

Vuze is the best torrenting client. This in depth Vuze guide shows how to use Vuze VPN to download torrents with the best anonymity and privacy.

What is Vuze? For those of you who aren’t familiar with Vuze, is the most popular power-packed BitTorrent client around. It comes packed with extra features and even has its own search engine. Vuze also comes with a Plus version which comes with additional features. Vuze includes DVD burning; ability to play files with downloads … Read more

How to Get Secure Online and Regain Your Privacy

secure password

For the most, we take for granted that the internet is free and uncensored, or we become oblivious to the fact that it is no longer this way. From tracking companies to hackers, we are continually threatened by privacy invasion in one form or another. The more time we spend online, the worse, this will … Read more

What is the Best VPN for Australians


With an upsurge in nationwide (even global) internet monitoring and policing, and the recent laws passed by the Australian government that require internet service providers to maintain meta-data logs of all user activity, internet privacy has become more than just a niche concern. Users had been employing proxy software to bypass restrictions for a while, … Read more

How to Change your IP Address

The Internet is a global network, and anyone has a wealth of knowledge in their hand, in their device, I mean. You have the whole world (almost) with you. But not always. There are websites whose content are not available for certain regions. This phenomenon is what people call geo-blocking. This happens quite often when … Read more

What is the Best VPN for Torrenting Anonymously

Torrents are a life saver in this day and age, due to the extremely high costs of various shows, movies, programs, software, and even games. These huge multi-national corporations in the end only care about their profits. They release the same old thing with a little bit of tweaking and call it a new version … Read more

Why You Need a VPN as Australia’s Metadata Laws Take Effect

On April 13th, 2017, the mandatory data retention scheme fully went into effect. And what it means for us normal folks, is that all of our metadata will be recorded by telecommunication companies for up to two years. This includes personal details such as email Id’s, phone numbers, time, date as well as location and … Read more

Are Usenets a Safer Alternative to Torrenting?

What is Usenet? Usenet is a network of individuals that share files or articles with common labels that are called “newsgroups” (for example alt.movies, alt.tvshows, Usenet is not brand new and has been around before the internet was developed. Today Usenet uses an NZB file. What is an NZB file? It is an XML-based … Read more

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