Best Series on Netflix for 2019

American Netflix

Although there are vast numbers of movies on Netflix, the company has been changing tack slightly and delving more into TV shows. Some of this has come from the success of Hulu which deals more with TV, and some of it has come from viewers wanting more from the characters than a mere two hours. … Read more

How to Get American Netflix in Australia

American Netflix in Australia

Netflix is the largest and the most popular streaming service in the entire world due to their great service and massive libraries, among other things. But as big as the Netflix libraries are, they are different for every country.   Sometimes they have the copyrights to stream a Netflix tv shows or a movie in … Read more

How to Fix the Netflix Proxy Error Forever

If you’re reading this, then obviously, you know what Netflix is, but in case you’re just doing some preliminary research, then Netflix is a streaming service, and not just any service, but the best streaming service out there, period. What is the “You seem to be using an unblocker or proxy” error? This error comes … Read more

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