What is the Best Bitcoin VPN?

I’m guessing you all now know about Bitcoin, the digital mystery currency. But do you know about the VPN services accepting Bitcoin?

Or why should you use the best VPN for Bitcoin transactions? I will tell you here but first, a brief overview of

Bitcoin to refresh your memory.

Bitcoin digital mystery currencyBitcoin and its backbone, the Blockchain are the inventions of Satoshi Nakamoto who himself (or herself) is a mystery.
Bitcoin is a decentralized digital currency which isn’t under control of any financial institution. The system runs because of the blockchain, the public ledger.

You can convert your coins to other currencies, use it to get different goods or services and can also buy VPN with Bitcoin.

How does Bitcoin work?

The Bitcoin system is a peer-to-peer system where the transactions do not pass through intermediaries. You enter the address of the recipient, and the operation takes place almost in an instant.

Once the transaction gets verified as legitimate, the system adds it to the public ledger, the blockchain.

All your transactions and those of others are available with the blockchain. And anyone can verify it, anytime.

The absence of intermediaries makes the processing fast, and the charges, almost negligible. It doesn’t matter if you send Bitcoins to a guy across the street or your colleague across the sea, it takes the same time.

OK, Bitcoin transactions are public, how is it secure then?

The Bitcoin system is protected by cryptography, a method of security with complex puzzles. Everyone can calculate Bitcoin and blockchainyour balance with the public address, but no one can use it up without the private key that you hold.

This transparency makes the Bitcoin trustworthy. Once a transaction is added to the blockchain, there can’t be a roll-back or editing possible.

The Bitcoin system doesn’t need your ID and to maintain your anonymity, use the best VPN available. Paying with bitcoins ensures further secrecy. Yes, Bitcoin and VPN provider go hand-in-hand to keep your Internet free from online surveillance and ISP’s censorship.

The best VPN for Bitcoins

No matter how secure the Bitcoin transactions are, anything on the Internet always has risks associated with it. Someone can keep track of your public address and can join it with a real person. So, beware of posting Bitcoin addresses on your social networks.

The internet activity of your IP address can reveal a lot of things and to get the best private Internet experience, download a VPN software.

There are many free VPN service providers, but not all of them are reliable like the paid ones. Paid VPN providers like ExpressVPN have different security protocols like OpenVPN, L2TP/IPSec or PPTP.

VPN for BitcoinsAlong with the encryption and the different speed these protocols offer, ExpressVPN also offers unlimited bandwidth. Free VPNs have caps on data transfers, and even on speed and bandwidth, they provide.

Once you have a successful VPN connection, your network is encrypted, and the server hides your IP address. You become part of a private network and if anyone tries to peep on your activity, won’t see anything.

The data packets coming to and going from your device passes through a secure VPN server, and your device has the IP address of that server.

You can check the ExpressVPN reviews of users around the world and also the one on this site to know why I recommend this. But there is another problem, your payment method.

Pay VPN with Bitcoin

The traditional payment methods like cards or bank transfers are always linked to your identity. So, while you use your VPN connection to privatize your Bitcoin transactions, make sure you bought that subscription with bitcoins. In case you are wondering, ExpressVPN supports payments through Bitcoin,

While ExpressVPN doesn’t keep activity logs, it does have a record to check your subscription status. And when you pay them with bitcoins all they have is a public wallet address, not linked to any ID. Also, use a new email ID and not your primary one.

And did you know, you can create and use as many Bitcoin wallets as you want? These wallets hold your treasure and with different wallets for different purposes, linking your transactions to you can be difficult.

None of the wallets relates to each other, and you are a separate entity on the system with each wallet you use.

So, you see you can get a private experience away from any eavesdropping with a VPN. And your payments done through the Bitcoin system further strengthens your privacy. There are no banks or financial institutions in this system to keep records.

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