What is the Best Torrenting Client for Australians?

No matter how infamous torrent sites are, people still like torrenting. And here in this guide, I will tell you about the best torrenting program in Australia.

Using torrents is an easy-to-use way to transfer large files with ease. And to download movies, TV shows or software files through torrenting you need a torrent downloading problem.

Best Torrenting ClientTorrenting uses the P2P BitTorrent protocol to connect with the other users sharing the file. The torrenting clients read the files and use trackers to keep track of the file download and upload.

Here is the list of best BitTorrent client and as a bonus, I also included a way to download torrents safely.

Top 5 Torrent Clients

1. BitTorrent

One of the best and the fastest torrent downloader is BitTorrent. It is also one of the oldest players and has a strong fan base.

It has lots of powerful features but is easy-to-use for beginners as well. It offers all the necessary features a torrent client should have and few extras to make your online life easier.

While the free software has all the features required for unlimited torrenting, there also is the BitTorrent Pro for an ad-free experience.

Apart from being free of ads, the Pro version also offers a media player and stream as you download feature for media files. BitTorrent is available for download on Windows, Mac, and Android.

2. qBittorrent

While BitTorrent is the default choice as a torrenting client for many, qBittorrent proves to be the best torrent downloader for those who seek simplicity.

Even though it’s small, it has all you need for a torrent program to do. You can search for torrents, play media and also upload your torrent files to the world.

The software is open-source, ad-free and password-protection also is available. It even supports VPN integration. There is more about VPN later in the article. You can download qBittorrent for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

3. Deluge

Deluge is another easy torrent program for beginners. It’s simple and isn’t memory hungry. But it still offers advanced features like remote management, encryption, streaming media while downloading and RSS notification.

Moreover, Deluge also supports plugins to introduce extra features. Deluge download is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms.

4. uTorrent

uTorrent is another lightweight torrent downloader available to download. The developers of BitTorrent maintains this freeware alongside BitTorrent and uTorrent is quite popular. Even though it’s small in size, it supports all the essential torrenting features.

uTorrentBut, since the software is not open-source and available for free, is uTorrent safe? Yes, it is. uTorrent is available for quite a long time, and millions of users use it for torrent downloads on their desktop.

5. Vuze

If you want to compare Vuze vs. uTorrent, they both are entirely different. While uTorrent is for beginner users who would like simple interface, the Vuze app is an all-in-one tool.

It has a media player built into it; it supports file conversion, remote management, and even VPN integration.

You can download Vuze on Mac, Linux, and Windows. While the free version has ads in it, you can get the premium version with the support for anti-virus scanning.

Download torrents safely with a VPN

VPN – Virtual Private Network – is a secure network created over the Internet which can keep your network activity hidden.

When the device connects to a VPN server, the server masks the IP address, and any website you visit sees the VPN’s IP address. So, no one can monitor your browsing activity.

torrent downloading with VPNMoreover, a server also encrypts the data transfer. ExpressVPN is a VPN service provider with strong encryption system and with ExpressVPN, torrent downloading would be a private affair.

The VPN client is available for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS and any other platform your torrent software supports.

And using VPN has another benefit. With the best VPN for torrenting, you can have access to the blocked torrent websites.

Why are torrent sites blocked?

Many people use torrents to distribute copyright materials like paid software, movies and TV shows for free. And because of this reason, all your favourite sites like, TPB, Kickass, Lime torrent, Extra torrent and RarBg are blocked.

But using the BitTorrent protocol isn’t illegal. So, with a VPN you can get access to the sites and download what you want to. How?

You can connect to a VPN server outside of Australia. In this way, the government won’t know that an Australian device is trying to download something from a blocked site.

With one of the torrent clients mentioned above, you can then download as many files as you want, without the fear of legal charges.

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