The Best Free VPN Australia for You

With the rise in cybercrimes and government / private eavesdropping on online activity today, Virtual Private Networks have become a necessary utility for the majority of internet users today – whether they realise it or not.

While previously they were only used by large corporations to secure their online networks and transactions, it is straightforward to download and set up a VPN on an internet-enabled device. Plus, they are available at very cheap prices – some even for free.

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Free VPN software has specific merits that cannot be neglected, and this article will address precisely those, besides reviewing one of the best free VPN Australia.

Reasons for using a free VPN service

  • It’s free: this one is a no-brainer – if you’re able to get the protection and anonymity offered by modern VPN free-vpnservices for free, it doesn’t get better than that. Practically speaking, there are caveats to this (more on those later). Still, as such, a free Australian VPN will be a major step up from the web-based free proxy servers we occasionally use to access restricted sites.
  • For a trial: Those who aren’t sure about whether they need a VPN can first install a free VPN service to ascertain the benefits a VPN will have for them.

While paid VPN services often offer a trial period (varies from a week to a month), they often require you to enter your credit card details beforehand – and if you’re not comfortable giving out this information until you’re ready to buy, a free VPN is the only solution for you.

  • Because you’re an occasional user: Some of us don’t have resource-intensive activities online that require the capabilities of a paid VPN – for instance, to access a large text-based website that is restricted in your region, a free VPN service will do fine. The same applies for light multimedia sites as well.

A decent free VPN – CyberGhost VPN review

If you’re looking for a VPN free Australia that offers at least some semblance of a paid option, you won’t find a better choice than CyberGhost. Unorthodox for a free service – it isn’t an ad-bloated, compromised program which only lets you use it for a few 100 MBs or minutes before logging you out.


It provides you with a reliable and secure VPN link which not only works with light websites but also for accessing some video content. Unfortunately, only the desktop client for CyberGhost can be used for free indefinitely – the mobile apps can only be used for free up to a certain trial period.

You should note that you will have to wait in a queue if the VPN servers are loaded with premium (paid) users, and the free servers are concentrated in US and UK, so slight speed dips are to be expected. CyberGhost VPN torrenting is not allowed on the free version.

This CyberGhost review concludes that it is an excellent service for casual internet users looking to bypass geo-restrictions to access moderately heavy web content – quite frankly, for a free VPN, this is as good as it gets.

Why is a paid VPN better?


A paid VPN will always surpass the quality of service offered by a VPN Australia free. Stronger encryption, extensive server lists, unrestricted bandwidth, the ability to download torrents, the ability to log in from multiple devices – the advantage of a paid software are numerous.

Those who are serious about their online privacy, or want to access geo-restricted streaming services such as Netflix US or BBC iPlayer should only go for a paid option if they’re going to enjoy a completely private, risk-free and uninterrupted online experience.

A decently paid service is Express VPN: it uses a 256-bit strong OpenVPN encryption protocol to anonymise your activities online, has a rock-solid collection of 137 servers spread over 89 countries, and yields speedy internet speeds or a super private VPN like NordVPN could be the go

The interface is clean and user-friendly: even if you haven’t used a VPN before, the detailed support pages provide clear guidelines on how to install the VPN service on any platform: Windows, Mac OS, Android, iOS, consoles, smart televisions and so on. It is slightly pricier than the average paid VPN service, but more than makes up for it in terms of reliability.

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