Best Free VPN for Australia

If you can get something for free, why is there a need to pay for it? You find this in many areas across computing and the internet, and some free options deliver a better experience than paid-for options.

When it comes to free VPNs, many users think the same rings true, and they follow what reviews say and take everything as being true.

In reality, free VPN providers are a mixed bag. You can find free VPNs that are cut back offerings, free VPNs that offer all the features, and little connection time.

You can even find unscrupulous ones who use Free to lure unsuspecting users into tunneling all their personal data through a free VPN provider’s servers.

There are lots to know, so here, we have reviews of the best free VPN for use in Australia and lots of other information about why totally free VPNs are not the safest piece of software to use, no matter what features it says it offers. (Find the Best VPN for Australia)

Best free VPN for use in Australia

How does a free VPN work?

The most popular approach how to get VPN for free is for these companies to use distracting pop-up ads to interrupt your online activities. Besides, they can track your activities on your VPN connection in many ways.

You can find reports of free services logging and selling user data for profit to third parties. There are also free VPN offerings that lure users how to get a free VPN, so they channel all their data through their servers on each connection.

Editor’s Note: Use a paid VPN like NordVPN

Before risking anything and looking at how to setup a free VPN, it could be far wiser to understand how safe you can be and what features you would miss out on.

A paid VPN such as NordVPN offers a risk-free 30-day money-back guarantee. Internet users can test all the features with no restrictions or fear they will harvest data. (Read our NordVPN Australia Review)

NordVPN has thousands of VPN servers worldwide and offers the best streaming speeds and geolocation unblocking capabilities.

It is known as one of the most secure and even has payment methods that don’t need your name. You won’t find any data cap, and you can use the VPN on up to 6 devices on one account.

With a zero-logging privacy policy, ad-blocker, and malware tracking, it is one of the best VPNs on the market.

NordVPN hides your IP address, so even your internet service provider can’t see what you are doing on your internet connection like your ISP may be able to do when using a free VPN.

Best Free VPN for 2021

Hotspot Shield Free VPN

1. Hotspot Shield Free VPN

Hotspot Shield is headquartered in the USA, and although your browsing history is not being harvested, they do reside under the 5/9/14 eye jurisdiction.

The Hydra VPN protocol from Hotspot Shield is fast and one of the strongest and fastest free VPNs.

The free service provides connections to servers in the United States while offering fast speeds. Unfortunately, as a consequence, many servers face high levels of server load.

It’s not a big problem within the U.S., but it might be important from Australia; fortunately, speed tests show the time difference may mitigate some of these server loads.

Safety is a strong point for the model due to its efficient encryption and embedded DNS leak protection. There is an automatic kill switch for connection failure protection.

However, Hotspot Shield does collect information such as IP address, location, device ID. Both of these are included in the free plan to assist with targeted advertising.

Also, the details can be shared with Google for producing even more unique advertisements within the VPN framework.

The data caps are decent, with a daily allowance of 500MB and ample bandwidth for Wi-Fi surfing throughout the day.

Unlike the other free VPN services, which cannot access blocked content on streaming sites, Hotspot Shield will block Netflix streaming by having you pay a premium subscription for its product.

If users need customer support, they can e-mail customer service or check the knowledge base for answers.


  • Has access to 25 countries
  • Fast speeds
  • Zero logging
  • Strong encryption


  • Lots of targeted ads
  • Unable to unblock Netflix on the free version

ProtonVPN Free

2. ProtonVPN Free

ProtonVPN VPN software is ad-free, and along with this, they are privacy and security-focused. They offer a strict zero-log policy, and the VPN business is headquartered in Switzerland and is subject to Swiss privacy legislation.

When you go up a stage, the data gets stored down on a secure core server in the middle of the mountains.

ProtonVPN offers unlimited data, but it does not have unlimited bandwidth. You can stream as much as you want, but the VPN provider actively throttles free VPN speeds. With such a decrease, it means streaming in SD rather than HD, and there may also be buffering or freezing.

Network traffic is encrypted using AES-256 encryption and a 4096-bit RSA key exchange, HMAC with SHA384 being used for message authentication. Perfect Forward Secrecy (PFS), a kill switch, and IPSec/OpenVPN protocols are used.

The apps are easy to use and can be attached to each account free of charge. Streaming services like BBC iPlayer, 10 Play, and others outside the three countries of Japan, the Netherlands, and the United States cannot be accessed through the lack of a server in that region.

There is also no access outside these countries to any other website. However, it is a free VPN that works in Japan and the USA with Netflix.

A ticketing system handles customer service, and although not live chat support, the agents do give a fast response.

You can use the free option and then sign up for the longer version that provides a 30-day money-back guarantee and a much greater degree of access.


  • Unlimited data
  • Apps for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux, and some routers
  • Unblocks Amazon Prime Video, Netflix in the US, Japan and
  • Netherlands, Disney+, HBO Max, Peacock, Pluto TV, and more
  • Very secure


  • Speeds throttled on the free plan.
  • No Australian server


3. Speedify

Speedify has one main aim as a free VPN provider: to keep fast speeds even with sufficient encryption to secure your data.

You will find once you dig under the surface, it isn’t a VPN in the true sense. It makes use of all available internet connections to increase connection performance. The company even claims its turbocharging technology can still speed up one device on one connection.

The free plan boasts full access to all servers, yet you have 2GB of data each month. There are servers in 50 countries, yet being unable to access Netflix.

As a no-log VPN service, Speedify cares for your privacy and enables you to browse undetected while having no data retention or keeping IP addresses from your online activities. Speedify’s privacy policy among the best of anyone.

Speedify uses the latest ChaCha- or AES-based encryption algorithms. It doesn’t have a kill switch as such, yet it makes sure your IP addresses are changed to their servers. There is a decent range of device support, and customer support is a ticket system or knowledge base.


  • No data retention or logs
  • Works well for increasing speeds
  • Hides IP addresses
  • Allows torrenting on Amsterdam server


  • Only 2 GB per month
  • Not a real VPN solution

4. is totally free and has its headquarters in Malaysia; this places it well away from any 14-eyes Alliance. The company allows torrenting on all servers except the US-based server locations. With no logs or anything to sign up for, little could be handed over to anyone.

You can find five server locations with the VPN free Australia, including the US East, US West, Canada, the Netherlands, and Singapore. With the free Australian VPN, you get 10GB of data per month to use on the free plan.

This can be sufficient to share a few downloaded movies or TV shows with friends and several TV shows with torrenting. However, there is not much streaming support, so your streaming could suffer dramatically.

The VPN offers a wealth of protocols and even uses the new WireGuard. It also uses 256-bit AES encryption to keep you safe and secure as the best free virtual private network option for torrenting in small amounts.

Server connections can take a while, and should you be on a less than stable connection, you may find yourself trying different servers. offers an automatic kill switch and IP leak protection security features; therefore, your IP address and internet activity won’t be exposed if disconnected from the VPN.


  • 10GB free data per month
  • Full 256-bit AES encryption
  • Easy, anonymous sign-up
  • Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and others


  • No streaming support
  • No Australian servers

TunnelBear VPN for Australia

5. TunnelBear

TunnelBear is a value-free VPN since there is no constraint on any servers. It has all of its security features and maximum speeds.

You can access the VPN without limitations, but after 500 MB has been used, you are left with no connection, or you need to pay to move to premium.

You can use the server position in 26 countries worldwide to unblock Netflix. Netflix US is easy to access, although Netflix Australia doesn’t work. TunnelBear provides unrestricted bandwidth with no throttling, and you’ll find speeds fast and consistent. TunnelBear is simple to use, and you can be sure your data is private. Vigilant bear is their kill switch. (Read Tunnelbear VPN Review)

There is no live chat service, and the only support is via a ticketing system. Pricing is important, as there is no money-back guarantee if you sign up and change your mind.

If you downloaded VPN Australia free, they assume you’re satisfied with the free trial’s functionality. VPN service runs on Windows, iOS, Android, macOS, Chrome, Linux, Firefox.

It is a good workaround for certain users, but the data limit is too limited for anything, even when you need a VPN for Wi-Fi privacy.


  • Access to all VPN features
  • Can use all the network of servers
  • Superfast speeds
  • Unblocks Netflix US, HBO Max, Sling TV, Hulu, iPlayer, and others


  • Only 500 MB of data per month
  • Kill switch not reliable


Is a free VPN worth it?

Free VPN services appear tempting on paper, and unless you only need them for protecting you on public WiFi, or other such areas, they don’t pack in the features that premium VPN companies such as ExpressVPN and NordVPN offer.

Are there any completely free VPNs?

The above list is all completely free VPNs, but you have to be very careful about your choice outside of this. You either get limited tools to use or use a VPN that says it is free; it is an advertising tool for a premium service.

What’s the difference between a Free VPN vs. Paid VPN?

If you want to use the internet as you do now, you will find that when you use a VPN, you won’t be able to play online games, stream or download torrents when using free VPNs.

Besides too many restrictions in their services, they lack server coverage and performance to deal with these activities.

Is free VPN safe?

Typically, Free VPN service providers, asides from the ones on our list, should not be seen as totally safe. All VPNs can use high encryption levels to make sure no one can see your activities, yet they have full access to everything you do.

Can VPN steal your data?

If you use a free VPN company, it is easy for them to steal data and make this accessible to third parties. Data can be sold for advertising purposes, and even some VPNs, reportedly free, sell user bandwidth.

Is a Free VPN safe for online banking?

Typically, you are best to avoid using a VPN that says they are free to carry out any online banking unless they are proven safe. Even then, you should think twice about your choice.

What is the Best Free VPN for Netflix?

ProtonVPN could be the best easy to use option when using a VPN to access Netflix. It has a US VPN Server and also servers in Japan and The Netherlands.


When searching for free software, there are many options for most things you want to do on your computing devices or phones. VPNs turn this theory on its head as they can be used for such efficient ad delivery tools.

Although you need to pay for premium features, you can find these would be one of the best things you could ever pay for on your device. Until then, you can test all of the above VPNs and see how they compare with each other.

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