How to Watch TVNZ On Demand in Australia

What is TVNZ?

This is the short version of Television New Zealand, and it is the largest broadcaster of public TV in New Zealand.

It also comes with plenty of free to air programs as well as on-demand video streaming (TVNZ OnDemand).

Television New Zealand

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This OnDemand service allows catch-up and streams content from the following channels:

  • TVNZ One
  • TVNZ Two
  • TVNZ Duke
  • Various News, Sports and Movies

Much of this is local content, but they also have access to some US shows like Quantico, Grey’s Anatomy, The Walking Dead and others.

TVNZ Devices

This streaming service is available for most major platforms which include:

• PC’s
• Macs
• iOS and Android devices
• Gaming Consoles

One nifty feature is you can view between different devices, and there is a “pick up and play.” This will carry on from where you watched to on a different device which is connected to your account.

TVNZ is Free?

It is a free service, but, it is only free if you are in New Zealand. There is an easy workaround for this, and it will stand any Australian, or home internet connection in good stead for accessing any other streaming services you can think of.

This workaround is also great for Kodi and a vast number of other devices, and also keeps your connection safe and secure (watch your ISP data retention) while dabbling in the odd torrent download here and there.


There are a vast number of people who opt for New Zealand proxies to view this content.

However, this is only any good for New Zealand, and any other geo-blocked content around the globe would not be accessible.

It is more advisable to opt for a good New Zealand VPN which you know works and requires very little changing of settings.


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No matter what options Australian users come up with to watch TVNZ online, there is nothing better than a VPN.

With this being said, there are many VPN’s which don’t offer very good coverage of Australia with their VPN servers. Some don’t even serve Asia as a whole so reaching down to Australian homes is asking a bit too much.

No matter which part of Australia you live, there is bound to be a server close to you from the following:

  • Brisbane
  • Melbourne
  • Perth
  • Sydney x 2

New Zealand also has a physical server and doesn’t rely on a virtual server for the connection.

ExpressVPN NZ content streaming has never been more accessible using this world leader in VPN technologies.

Even with both New Zealand and Australia being so far out of the way, their expansive network makes sure users get the very best in connection speeds.

On nearly all occasions, these are faster than any of the competition. Robustness is also one of this companies strengths, and this is in the reliability of speeds as well as their security features.

A prime example of how reliable their connections are, here is a speed comparison with the number two NordVPN:

NordVPN – base speed 100 Mbps
New York – 3.87 Mbps
Second US server – 65 Mbps
Asia Server – 12 Mbps

Expresses’ Speeds
New York – 77 Mbps
Washington – 78 Mbps
Asia Server (Hong Kong) – 30 Mbps

One other area where Nord VPN fails is its auto-select of the best server, and during testing, it gave a server which failed miserably.

Express VPN works right out of the box and makes it easy to watch TVNZ from outside New Zealand, in less time than it would take you to decide what TV1 on demand program you wish to view.

What Else Does a VPN do?

Although TV3 on demand and other NZ TV shows are part of a free service once you have bypassed the geo VPN bypassed the geo restrictionsrestrictions. There are many other benefits of using a VPN.

Most of all is security, and you get this with Express after you have signed up and received your link to make a VPN download.

As soon as you install the client, you are protected from and snooping ISP’s or hackers who try to access any connection they can find.

Your IP address is masked, so it doesn’t matter which server you choose to connect to (depending on the task at hand) no one will be able to tell you or your family members live in Australia.

NZ TV on demand can quickly be a go-to streaming service to catch up on current favourite shows. If you want something which is somewhat extra, there is always Kodi or US Netflix you can use to fulfil your viewing pleasure.

All this will be done in a manner which is safe, secure and reliable.

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